(11) Kissing My Tears Away Poem by Amanda Lukas

(11) Kissing My Tears Away

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He holds me while I cry
and flashes gentle loving glances
as he looks into teary brown eyes.
He explains them as 'beautiful'
as I try to hide my face
which is now salty and moist
from the droplets trinkling down
my cheeks like rain on a window.
He brings two soft lips to my lashes
to kiss away my tears
and I simply can't help but feel guilty
for being in such a state
that he must kiss a tear away.
Still, he is patient and concerned.
It's almost as if he was placed here
for that very reason.
To be my angel, my love, my friend.
And I am his little lost puppy;
knowing next to nothing
and loving to be loved.

Edward Kofi Louis 30 March 2016

For being in such a state! And to taste the salt of my tears. Thanks for sharing.

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J M Basey 16 January 2007

Interesting poem...Like how it flowed...nice write. I've got some new poems posted if you would like to take a look, I really appreciate your comments. Take care, Jay

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Andre Yates 21 March 2006

Very interesting poem... Makes you wonder about why people are placed in your life...

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Nimal Dunuhinga 16 March 2006

Interesting the poem shows about gratitude and the mutual understanding.

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda Lukas

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