(20) Darling, Please Don'T Stay Poem by Amanda Lukas

(20) Darling, Please Don'T Stay

Rating: 3.0

Don't speak.
Your face says too many words.
Don't give me that forced smile.
I've seen your attempts to look warm before.
Didn't fool me then,
certainly won't work now.
I know that you're not happy here.
There's no need to sugar-coat.
One request, please?
If I may.
I know that you're unhappy.
Darling, please don't stay.

Seán O' Muiriosa 04 January 2006

A very stark and to the point poem, but I like that. There's a sort of closure in the tone at the end... It works very well... All the best for 2006! Seán

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Tom J. Mariani 23 November 2007

I've tried to put my arms around, so to speak, this dilemma several times. Stuck between abandoning ship and hoping that, if it comes on, the bilge pump can save us, I have also had to give second thoughts as to the course the boat was taking before we hit rough water. I tried to address this in 'Recrudeses.' It's worse than the seven year itch.Thanks for saying it like it is. Peace at any price is expensive. Tom

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... Sheila 05 April 2007

I felt the emotion as I read your poem. I have felt this emotion from a person I loved. You hit the nail on the head with your wording. Painful subject, but a wonderful poem!

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This is a proud, confident, class act. t x

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J M Basey 09 September 2006

Great poem Amanda.....straight to the point.....just the way I like it.....truthful, upfront and honest. I'll be back to read more, Take care, J M. Basey

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Christopher Jackson 21 June 2006

this poem is fantastic, i love the frankness with your emotions; i have seen so many poems along similar themes that just spiral to whining but this is intense and fantastic!

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda Lukas

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