(13) Thunderstorms And Butterflies Don'T Mix Poem by Amanda Lukas

(13) Thunderstorms And Butterflies Don'T Mix

Rating: 2.8

You say you love me and you believe it.
I say you don't even know who I am.
You're in love with the image of me
that you created.
You love the smile
even though you never know why it's on my face.
I protect myself from you as if I'm sheltering from a storm.
I'm sorry I can't be your home,
but I am a butterfly
and you are a hurricane.
My wings aren't strong enough yet.

Tom J. Mariani 24 November 2007

Mars and Venus. Made a lot of money for a guy writing about it. Your poem addreses it very straightforwardly from a female's point of view. My 'Birds Fly' is another male attampt to explain it. Carley Simon's 1972 song of 'You're So Vain' takes a little sharper poke at this issue. Your poem evoked a lot of my high school memories when I thought I was a storm passing through. One of the lessons my Dad didn't intenionally teach me was not to follow his example: 'WARNING! Watch What Your Wrap for Christmas.' That has created much of the calm in my life. Tom

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Chuck Audette 02 April 2007

Beautiful, powerful little poem. Hunker down, a sunny day is coming.. -chuck

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Nimal Dunuhinga 22 August 2006

What a lovely poem Amanda.Yes oil & water never mix together.Let the thunderstorms vanish with lightning. There will be a gentle breeze soon.A rainbow has formed in the sky to guide the butterly.

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Kelly Allen Vinal 21 August 2006

No, they certainly don't mix! Great poem!

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda Lukas

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