(10) Throwing Out Your Shoebox Of Memories Poem by Amanda Lukas

(10) Throwing Out Your Shoebox Of Memories

Rating: 2.6

You can have your memories.
I'll put them in a shoebox for your disposal.
Keep them with you,
and do as you please with them
because I am no longer able to hold them with me.

You can take all of our pictures.
I can't bare to see us binded together
and no scissor or blade is strong enough
to cut us apart.

Keep your roses and your sympathetic looks.
I am not sorry and you need not be.
I'm stronger than you give me credit for,
I promise you that.

I no longer need your shoebox of memories,
I no longer need your heart.

Years from now,
when you think of me,
remember that I gave up your memories
long, long ago.

Ernestine Northover 05 December 2006

Delighful Amanda, a pleasure to read, and a lovely idea to write about. Very well penned. Excellent. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Vincent James Turner 05 December 2006

emotional yet not overly pitiful, this poem shows your strengh and your desire to move on, loss and grief is still apparent but this poem has a defiance in it. I particually enjoyed the second and thrid stanza. This poem is easy to read and easy to relate to, and i think this is what makes it a good real poem. nce work Robin

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Leria Hawkins 05 December 2006

I loved this poem. It speaks the words that I have so often thought lately. Great write.

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda Lukas

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