Amanda Lukas Poems

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... And When She'D

...And when she would smile
and tell me that it was okay to cry,
I'd cry in her arms and know I was loved.

(.2) Daddy

Daddy never knew me.
He never took the time.
Never came to birthday parties.
Never recited a nursery rhyme.

(16) When He Sleeps

I see his sleeping eyes in the moonlight.
He is beauty in his sleep.
I know he'll awaken and hate me;
I've gotten in too deep.

(11) Kissing My Tears Away

He holds me while I cry
and flashes gentle loving glances
as he looks into teary brown eyes.
He explains them as 'beautiful'

(.6) Mending A Broken Heart

I sometimes wish we'd never met
and life was whole without you,
but then I catch myself
thinking of those succulent kisses

A Desperate Heart

A desperate heart,
tattered and torn and forgotten.
Stomped and grinded into
concrete of her life.

(13) Thunderstorms And Butterflies Don'T Mix

You say you love me and you believe it.
I say you don't even know who I am.
You're in love with the image of me
that you created.

(20) Darling, Please Don'T Stay

Don't speak.
Your face says too many words.
Don't give me that forced smile.
I've seen your attempts to look warm before.

(10) Throwing Out Your Shoebox Of Memories

You can have your memories.
I'll put them in a shoebox for your disposal.
Keep them with you,
and do as you please with them

(19) A Long List Of To-Do's (And A Couple Of To-Don'Ts)

My list of things to do
just seems to keep growing longer.
Keep your office clean,
make Bill's coffee stronger

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