A Desperate Heart Poem by Amanda Lukas

A Desperate Heart

Rating: 3.1

A desperate heart,
tattered and torn and forgotten.
Stomped and grinded into
concrete of her life.
Praying for something.
Anything to undo what's been done.
To finally say what's been left unsaid for so many years.
If you see her on the street,
Do you smile
or do you look down at the sidewalk
and ignore her pleading eyes?
The fingers on her two rough hands
lock together nightly in prayer.
Do yours?
I wouldn't think so.
So you are able to buy out a jewelry store.
She is able to tell a story without ever speaking.
Who's the richer?

Jeremiah Shine 16 December 2005

i guess if i had the money to buy a week's worth of coffee i'd give her some....and yes, my hands do. My heart is the same way.

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Uriah Hamilton 16 December 2005

It sound like both are bankrupt to a certain degree.

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Tom J. Mariani 23 November 2007

A Johnny Cash song would be so inappropriate here. But I got to sing it anyway. It expresses how it feels: 'Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart' No romantic was he. Tom

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... Sheila 05 April 2007

WOW! This poem is awesome! The last part is amazing. Most people think life is about the 'stuff', when it's really about the people. This is one of the best poems I have ever read and I'd like to put it down as a favorite.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 03 November 2006

This is expressing the sorrow and sadness to the reader's heart. It's like a gloomy picture of depression occurring between autumn and winter.

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Elya Thorn 01 January 2006

Such a great idea for a poem, and so nicely put together: imagery very good, great words, great felings! Therefore, A great poem!

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Max Reif 24 December 2005

I felt the poem almost formulaic until the question you pose at the end. And I found that a VERY interesting juxtaposition. In a way, I agree with Uriah. But of course, the distraught woman's emotions, transmuted some day, will bring a rich harvest.

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