(135) Revelation (Silssa 1983 - 99) Poem by premji premji

(135) Revelation (Silssa 1983 - 99)

Rating: 2.9

I want to end up this journey
It is only having twists from its usual paths
Somebody is pulling me, saying:
Come out from this dreaded path……
You can’t bear all this…
You are not supposed to bear every thorn…
Only some you have to…
Follow my path……
Follow it…..
But, it is not easy to follow…
You have to suffer a little pain…
You have to be selfish…
You must make others fall in sorrow…
If you are ready, please come fast…
The voice stopped….

Silssa (1983 – 1999)

Catrina Heart 26 June 2009

Now my eyes sore due to unending tears..........could'nt say more for these kind of poems were so sensitive to my feelings...

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Surya . 26 June 2009

such thoughts do come in some one in pain. how beautifully she had managed it surya

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Kranthi Pothineni 26 June 2009

Some poems needs no words comment but just to feel. So is this one.

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rago rago 26 June 2009

the voices unheard comes true......... revelations are such thing we may not understand...........

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Ency Bearis 26 June 2009

a deep thoughts that she revealed within...for a sympathy....

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Kesav Easwaran 30 June 2009

The readiness the maturity the acceptance in those lines...having known now the tragedy behind i could understand the difference between the real heartfelt words and imaginary poem writing...may her marvellous soul rest in peace forever...10

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Rani Turton 30 June 2009

Very tragic, the pain of this short life, may she always be remembered through her sensitivity and poetry.

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Gargi Saha 28 June 2009

vERY CRUEL FATE FACED AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE. May her soul reat in peace! ! ! !

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Catrina Heart 28 June 2009

Every lines touched your reader's heart, quenched their soul and shed a tear drop...The hardest words to bear are the words of a dying person..................Thanks for sharing these crafts with us!

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Priyanka Bhowmick 27 June 2009

her poems r filled of pains....she was just in a budding stage...God's too rude! !

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