Melvina Germain

(159) Mommy Knows Best

An argument erupted in the family today.
I lost my cool, my mouth had its say.
A long time coming God knows that’s true.
Waste of time though, for I had much to do.

I give of my time, my money, my play,
what took place was a sad display.
A lack of respect, bestowed upon me.
my eyes now open, I can truly see.

Many would say I’m stupid, allow myself used.
It all makes sense, when innocent eyes cry the blues.
It’s worth every penny, every moment of time,
To watch the grandchildren’s eyes truly shine.

The telephone rang, I heard my son say
Don’t come this morning Mom, she’ll walk her today.
The scorn of an angered daughter-in-law put to the test.
Her built up anger, she’ll not put to rest.

Poor little grand-daughter, walking in the cold
Fierce wind blowing in her tiny face.
Mommy thinks not of the unpleasantness,
For she has her way, mommy knows best.

Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 1, 2007
Poem Edited: Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Comments about (159) Mommy Knows Best by Melvina Germain

  • Walterrean Salley (11/28/2016 7:51:00 PM)

    ((159) Mommy Knows Best by Melvina Germain.) **A part of life’s negative side. We all have them.

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  • Thufail Ahmed (7/10/2007 11:02:00 AM)

    Another fabulous write. It's incredible, how you manage to say things in poetry which can not be put through even in simple sentences. Loved it.

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  • JoAnn McGrathJoAnn McGrath (4/9/2007 8:50:00 PM)

    Not a grandma yet but I can relate to the inlaw thing. Thanks for sharing: O)

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  • Shelley L Baxter-stanley (4/1/2007 5:31:00 PM)

    This poem angered me and I am truly sorry to hear of this type of exchange.It is always the child that gets hurt...and that is the worst part about it but what can one do? A person can not let it go on forever and not say something.Whomever this happened to did the right thing and should not ever think otherwise.Maybe this so called MOMMY will see the errors in her ways and come to her senses...
    As for the poem it is so well written and showed such great imagery and it was almost as if I could see this wicked woman walking that poor little Angel and just thinking or laughing to herself 'I will show her! ! ' What she does not realize though is that she will need this person again and will be sorry for her actions!
    Maybe, apology is on the horizon for the person the poet writes about.
    Great work Melvina! Keep writing and I and many others will keep reading...
    Praying your well.
    Shelley *Lilacsea*

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  • David Harris (4/1/2007 10:57:00 AM)

    Melvina, poignant and sad ending to this. I could visualize the little child's smarting as the cold wind hit her face. Felt like rushing out and giving her a scarf, but I suspect her mother would have had none of that. Beautifully worded as ever. Top marks from me on this one. Thanks for sharing it my friend.

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