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Foregrounding Ideology

Rating: 3.8
Superstructure from material infrastructure
Social, economic, historical
Attitudes, values, Ideas,
Conscious mental states
Impress them on the blank slate
Refusing to any intrinsic reality.

Uncustomary prominence achieve
Aesthetic effect,
A model perceived
On the symbolic level,
Arbitrary or square
‘Consciousness of the consciousness of another’


[..I am sorry to post a real absurd poem.. [ Theory of Absurditism in modern Literature.]…actually these days all ideologies are superstructures…people study too much with the consciousness and judge it…..bring new aspects into light which are uncustomary and unconventional…this has become the post modern way of finding beauty in an artistic venture…’Art for Art's sake…dismantling and then impress symbolically with no intrinsic value taken…the trend is contemporary…]
premji premji 10 May 2009
every ideology is meaningless until brought into practice
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David Desantis 05 May 2008
Abha, I really liked this one, I like the idea that our mentalities are based on a 'material infrastructure'. Really it seems to shape all of our values these days, sometimes obstructing the true important issues in life.10/10 Thanks, David
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Leonard Daranjo 04 May 2008
Though I have commented on this piece already, I would like to recomment after going through your post script. I do agree that one should not be too judgemental about a poem's (especially one like this) meaning. Some poems are pretty straight forward and can be explained away with a fair degree of accuracy. There are other poems however which one would do better to feel rather than try to understand and put too much meaning into it. To assume that one understands everything and to put a construction on such a poem is - I would say - rather presumptious. T S Elliot puts this into perspective 'Poetry should communicate before it could be understood'. This to me is true poetry. A poem communicates through its totality and gradually the meaning seeps in. At times the reader may not be able to explain the meaning but he will be able to feel it. After all 'The way' says Adam Smith 'which can be described is not the way'. To try to read too much meaning into a poem such as this is to label it; bleed it; crucify and asphyxiate it. Imprison it in the well of your understanding and you hemm it in, emancipate and allow it to flow into your consciousness and it will speak to you wordlessly
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Andrew Blakemore 03 May 2008
Another powerful piece Abha. They recently built a new art gallery in my home town of Walsall and it won lots of awards for it's design. Yet I saw no beauty at all. In fact, I think it's one of the most ugly constructions ever built. Some people must see beauty where there is none and vice-versa. Best wishes, Andrew
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We are on the other side of divide... deep into the mirror... we cannot be absurd here where lucidity breathes shabash abha Frank Bhaiya is so very right about you
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Nikunj Parikh 03 May 2008
I like the idea of the poetry...there is more to every piece of art than just wht u see... i like ur style of poetry...havent read anything of this sort in a long time...nice to know you!
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You know as well as I do that 'absurd' is the last thing this is.... t x
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Roland Bastien 29 April 2008
Attitudes, values, Ideas, Conscious mental states Impress them on the blank slate Refusing to any intrinsic reality ---------- relativity - gravity - changeless reality - such is phemomemon - such is the brain setting- they do not have any intrinsic reality as you point it........I like your idea into poetry-is it the mind life?
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David Desantis 28 April 2008
Your poems are so deep that my weak mind can barely grasp them hahah! !
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Vaibhav Shah 28 April 2008
I don't think it is an absurd poem.It is a mirror of what is happening today in this 'postmodern world'.Every age is a reaction against its previous era.So postmodernism is also a reaction against those conventions and ideologies which are no more significant today. Feminism, Postcolonialism, Poststructuralism, Marxism, psycoanalytic critism, Russian Formalism, Structuralism, New historicism, Cultural Materialism etc.are few examples of this foregrounding of 'OTHER'.But they are merely the pompous signs of our erudition.They can not simplify or facilitate the things but make them more complex. That is why you call this poem absurd.But since we are living in the age of postmodernism, we must accept it as a natural expression of an individual because he is also trapped in the dilemma of simplicity and complexity.He wants to become simple but this so called trend has made him complex. As far as art is concerned, It is considered that something which can not be understood is modern art.If absurdity is only the characteristic of postmodernism then it should be given a red carpet welcome by those people who call themselves postmodernist.well, it is only my perception about these ideologies. It is a wonderful poem about ideologies ever been composed before and it could come only from your pen.A nice poem for discussion also.I invite other intellectual readers also to discuss this poem. Kindly write more poems on Ideologies and Literature.It is a great pleasure to read them.
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