... And When She'D Poem by Amanda Lukas

... And When She'D

Rating: 3.1

...And when she would smile
and tell me that it was okay to cry,
I'd cry in her arms and know I was loved.

... And when she let my friends come over
to paint our shoes with her expensive acrylic paints,
we'd laugh together and my friends never wanted to leave.

... And when she'd sing, I'd tell her not to,
not knowing that music was
one of the only things that could brighten her day.

... And when I dream about her,
I know she's still with me,
singing me through my nights
and brightening my days.

Patricia, you are admired.

Angela Wright 24 January 2006

aw, just beautiful... your words paint such a lovely image of her spirit here. bravo.

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Daniel Tyler 29 January 2006

I have to say it's a very heartfelt piece- I like the stanza structure very much.

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Seán O' Muiriosa 30 January 2006

What a beautiful poem to write. You describe all the times you had with her with such realness and warmth. This poem really touched me. The ending is lovely and so very poignant. All the best to you, Seán

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Andre Yates 31 January 2006

I like this poem.. Its one of my favorites

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Tom J. Mariani 06 November 2007

It's not clear if Patricia was a friend or a relative. 'Was' it what I picked up on. You tip your hand a little by letting us know that you have to dream to still be with her. Sharing your recollections of the times you spent together demonstates how special Patricia was and still is to you. Tom

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Anna Russell 11 October 2007

Awww, this is so touching. Lovely, just lovely. Hugs Anna xxx

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Duncan Wyllie 06 August 2007

Dear Amanda My mother-in-law is called Patricia and she is such a wonderful person, so giving, when we really needed help she was there..sound familiar? Take care darling Love duncan X

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... Sheila 18 April 2007

This is such a sweet poem about someone obviously so special to you! Beautiful!

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Ivy Christou 03 February 2006

a beautiful tribute to your mother Amanda.. this touching poem shows how mothers brighten up our days and never leave our hearts.. All the best HBH

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