.3. A Food Junkie Poem by David Threadgold

.3. A Food Junkie

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All through my life I’ve been tooing and froing
Constantly coming and constantly going
This way and that way without even knowing
Trying so hard till fatigue started showing

When I was younger I worked day and night
Bright as a button and feeling alright
Slim as a rake but without a great height
Now slightly broader with trousers to tight

When I look back without being rude
Avoiding the mirrors when dressed in the nude
Exhausted from toil whilst my sleeps still elude
I think it was all down to endless junk food

© 2008 David Threadgold
Rambling Riddles & Rhymes

Shimon Weinroth 29 September 2008

the scourge of our century, fast foods and junk, the scenes so univeral the banal is so personal and interesting, veryb well done i am enchanted by your rhymes, cheers 10 Shimon

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Marilyn Lott 15 September 2008

Ah yes, junk food! I do so love it but make myself eat a nourishing bowl of cereal in the morning and a good dinner. But in between... well, just like you described. I liked your fun-style rhyme, David! Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Cheerfully upbeat and so true.

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Jean Mallette 13 September 2008

Maybe it's just the poet in you David! I too live and love off junk food. There's nothing more inspiring than a honey bun for breakfast. Anyway, I loved it and it's always so much more challenging when you have to rhyme all four lines in a stanza. Great job and funny like so often with you. 10

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Dee Daffodil 06 September 2008

I absolutely love the first line! ! Poetic licence is wonderful...isn't it? ! Hugs, Dee

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