3 Pretty Smile 3 Poem by Amy

3 Pretty Smile 3

Rating: 3.2

Little girl sitting upon the chair
He, with his professional glare,
Tipping and tapping, as her nerves twitch
Scratching his scratch with his humorous itch
Him with words so full of pain
Thinking that she is almost too vain
Telling her of her horrid face
Thats she’ll need chains, train-tracks and a brace
She sheds a tear and pulls a frown
As everyone is such a put down
Everyone agrees it’s true
Putting her down, she feels so blue
But then he speaks, his word his touch
She values so very much
She values his ways, his words, and his style
“You already have a pretty smile”

Kesav Easwaran 21 January 2009

a poem pretty good, Amy...good rhyming...good flow...brought a heartfelt smile in me reading your narration on 'she and he'...10

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Kite Remedy 08 January 2009

very descriptively beautiful, like it much.. nice poem..

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Talented, youg lady! Interesting poem. Well penned; D

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Hiding Nothing 18 April 2009

That is so cool, it could have so many different meanings

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Kevin Fisher 16 April 2009

interesting its basic but I like that in a poem keep it up

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Stephen Stirk 18 February 2009

A very well written and mature piece of poetry. Really enhoyed it Steve

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lovely poem about the most simplist thing...a pretty smile good job Amy!

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