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(602) She’s A Mean Old Cold Machine

Rating: 3.5

She is my life, she is my lady,
I do my best to visit her daily.
She doesn’t have awesome lips,
or gorgeous swaying voluptuous hips.

I stand and wait for her in the morning sun,
sit and dine with her when noon time comes.
Never wanting to leave her side,
though this lady takes away my pride.

I long to caress her cold exterior,
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... Sheila 12 May 2007

Seductive, addictive, cold and heartless....this machine. I love the way you liken her to a lover. Brrrrrilliant! Top Marks!

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Alison Cassidy 12 May 2007

A light hearted look at a serious subject. Very well put together. Great poem. love, Allie xxxx

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Francesca Johnson 09 May 2007

Addictive! Like your writings, Melvina. Suggestion - pull out the plug! Love, Fran xxx

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Brian Dorn 22 May 2007

Let luck be a lady tonight... Sinatra has nothing on you, Melvina. Great write! ! Brian

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JoAnn McGrath 18 May 2007

I love the personification here....at first, one might think you may have been talking about a mother, sister or friend....Great write on a consuming addiction: O)

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Diane Violet 14 May 2007

Melvina, you're on a roll...oh, wait I think that's a different game...all joking aside this is a awesome write on the addiction to slots.

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David Harris 13 May 2007

Melvina, addiction to the slot machine is very serious among the young. They don't realise that when they are playing. It is only when the money is all gone that the problem starts. Brilliant read as are all your poems. Top Mark from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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As someone else already commented Melvina...thie poem is Brilliant! ! I for a moment was wondering where you were coming from...(lol) Great imagery! Your message about these people that play the slots are so true! ! I have seen them, you have seen them...we both know them! It is so sad but true. Please keep up your your creativity as you just get better and better! ((Smile)) ten out of 10! ! ! =Shelley=

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