(610) An Old Friend-Lost Not Forgotten Poem by Melvina Germain

(610) An Old Friend-Lost Not Forgotten

Rating: 3.3

An elderly hobo,
digs deep in barrels of refuse.
Dining on last evenings cuisine.
Eyes racing from side to side,
chewing as if there’s no tomorrow.
Hands feverishly pushing the food in.
Mouth like a grinder in a bin

Life unkind to a pauper of the mine,
whose knees have broken down in his prime.
This life of which he fell upon,
carries him through from morning till dawn.

Day after day he lurked in streets of the city,
Looking for those who might take pity.
Every now and then reflecting the past.
A successful business- man just didn’t last.

On his final eve, when he walked to his bed,
a group of city youths, put blows to his head.
His lifeless body lay soaked in blood
He laid hidden in refuse and mud

His full body never recovered,
which seemed so unkind.
For under the refuse and rubble,
laid an old friend of mine

Written: Feb.25/07

David Harris 04 March 2007

Melvina, this is sad, poignant and shows vividly how low some can fall. I felt like reaching out and trying to help him back to his feet again. It brought a lump to my throat. Beautifully written by a great poet (Melvina Germain) Each line slipped neatly into the next. The flow just carried you on until the end. It is a heartfelt poem, written from the heart. I loved it. Thank you for sharing it. David

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 04 March 2007

Melvina... what a great write about of one of the forgotten people of world...10

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Patricia Gale 04 March 2007

Sad yet profound, well penned Melvina

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Cecil Hickman 18 March 2007

a very well written poem with great flow and the images were definately well crafted, a very sad write my friend, , , it is a shame in this day of such wonders and marvels that we have people suffering and as well causing suffering, , , , why this continues on, , I can never truly figure out, , , , except that for some to exist in the humanrace they feel they must inflict pain and anger whether it be body injury or even just in the mind, that is how some people exist just for pain and discomfort, they could never truly be happy for they do not no it at all, , , , , blessings..Cecil

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Not a member No 4 18 March 2007

A seriously sad obituary poem Melvina with much strong descriptive writing and a very powerful closing line. xx jim

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Sandra Fowler 14 March 2007

What a powerful, extraordinary poem. One can only hope that, for your old friend, life got better farther on. May your pen be blessed. Warm regards, Sandra

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Brian Dorn 11 March 2007

Melvina, the final line makes quite an impact... very sad but well done. Brian

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Esther Leclerc 05 March 2007

Stark, matter-of-fact, yet deeply sorrowful, powerful... Everyone is a person with history and memory... value. This excellent poem brings it home.

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Melvina Germain

Melvina Germain

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