*630 Bread Of Heaven Poem by John Knight

*630 Bread Of Heaven

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A loaf of bread - my good friend said
Is what we chiefly need
A glass of wine a wedge of cheese
Is very good indeed
And now - if you are ready friends
We can begin to feed.

Up spoke Amed - What kind of bread
Naan - Pita or Chappati?
For breads are different - just like cars
And mine's a Masserati! ! !
When all is said bread is just bread
Said Angela and Patti.

Like cheese is cheese? - asked Angelise
But not in france of course
But your French Bread goes hard - said Fred
And all of you eat horse.
I like Brioche - said Angelo
With Palma Ham of course.

I can accept - said Angela
That cheeses come in types
And also wines form different vines
Their grapes so sweet and ripe.
But bread's just flour and water mixed
And left to rise - near the hot pipes.

Nein saght Hans - das ist so nicht
Ich lieber Pumpernickel
Das ist der brod - ich hat gepickt
Weiz copt mit meine sichel
Ich koct dem in mein brodofen
Und mache Pumpernickel.

I'm so confused siad Paddy Bewes
I just want a Butty
A slice of Irish Soda Bread
With Galaway Cheese and Chutney.
This talk of Matzo and Lavash
It really sounds quite smutty.

No doubt with Stout? - asked Fredrico
We all like Ethnic Food
I Lisbon - Portuguese Sweet Bread
With Serra Cheese is good.
With Vihno Verde and aluvas
Portugeses - love their food! ! !

So next time that you buy your bread
Remember to be choosy
Ask for Zopf and Pondoro
Or Beer Bread - it's quite boozy.
And eating bread with Poppy Seeds
Can make you feel quite woozy! ! !

So never take your loaf for granted
'Cos just like cheese and wine
Bread's a many splendoured thing
Choose carefully when you dine.
A Crusty Cob with Campbell's Soup
And Wholemeal Toast with mine! ! !

(John Knight - Sunny Colchester - March 2010)

Lady Grace 19 March 2010

ok, this work is inspired by chief cook maybe ha..hhhmmmm, ok, careful of bread coz it contains carbo..it turns to starch and sugar after digestion, so, those who are suffering diabetes..please eat the exact daily recommnded allowance...lavs ya..smileeeeee

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Marieta Maglas 19 March 2010

Very nice plea for bread, well expressed poem. God bless, Mari

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Sandra Fowler 19 March 2010

A delicious write. You have a way with words. 10, for you. Warm regards, Sandra

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Brian Jani 04 July 2014

great poem this, is one of my favourites today.

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Oh wow. what a lovely poem! pray that the Bread from Heaven continue to inspire you with hidden manna [ secret seed for bread] Be inspired even more. Excellent.; D

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Kee Thampi 30 March 2010

God bless with us nice loaf of breds we like it and this poem also lovable Like cheese is cheese? - asked Angelise But not in france of course But your French Bread goes hard - said Fred And all of you eat horse. I like Brioche - said Angelo

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 23 March 2010

A voyage on bread [but not cake…French revolution …remark of queen] ...in polyglot…but polysavor… well I read elsewhere that varieties of Bread are found in France …so can they be said B-read [=better read in bread]… in conversational poetry ... nice experimentation Beadfully for bread 10++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Milica Franchi De Luri 23 March 2010

So many different types of breads, all of them so delicious. I love the way you have taken a simple topic - bread and created a fine write/ easy to read, nice flow and definitely steers up the gastric juices.......

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John Knight

John Knight

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