(.9) Learning To Treat Silence As Less Of An Enemy Poem by Amanda Lukas

(.9) Learning To Treat Silence As Less Of An Enemy

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I ate my lunch in the park again today,
as it is becoming my usual routine.
I'm finally allowing myself to sit in silence
and brave being alone with my thoughts.

Today, I sat in the park,
watching true children at heart as they played,
chasing butterflies and hiding behind trees.
Funny that even they, who are labeled so unfortunately,
are able to provide me with insight.
Whether or not they realize their circumstances,
they're quite able to get a laugh
out of something so simple as chasing falling leaves.

The birds sing lovelier lullabies when you listen,
(I think it's because they don't like to compete with rap music)
and every glistening ripple in the pond paints a picture for you,
if you only take the time to notice.

I've been terrified of silence since
the first time I'd been asked to take a moment of it,
and now, I'm rekindling a flame.
I'm learning to treat silence as less of an enemy
and more of a newly-found friend.

Duncan Wyllie 18 October 2007

This is so lovely, a peace that you could just drink in, , what a wonderful feeling Pure and light the eye Thankyou for this amazing piece of excellence Love duncan X

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Kevin Deckert 09 October 2007

I think what you say is perfectly right.....sometimes silence feels so good there just can't be anything better, silence and nothing to do, just feel life, you think about things and a second later don't even remember them....and after a while, you start to realize how beautiful life is and how much nature gives you and everytime I feel this way I think we're not paying enough attention to those little wonders everyday.....and when you 'wake up' after a while you have to go back to work again or just do anything stupid, but when you take the time to look back you notice, that it was the greatest time of the day when you just sat there and felt life....... Good poem that awakes great memories and reminds us of the beauty of being.

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda Lukas

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