(.7) If I Could Poem by Amanda Lukas

(.7) If I Could

Rating: 2.8

If I could make you happy,
Then I would gladly stay.
If I could bring you a smile so huge
As on children when they play.
If I could give you moon and stars
Oh what a love we'd have.
For only possesion of impossible things
Would make my love's heart glad.
If I could make each wish come true
Then I'd forever be in glee.
If there was some way to make you smile,
I would do it constantly.
If I could fill your heart with gladness,
It'd be an incredible feat.
But I can only bring to you sadness
And so, my love, I'll leave.

Chuck Audette 19 January 2006

Clever ending. Liked this very much. -chuck

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Ivy Christou 30 November 2005

It is unfair that you are willing to do so much for a person and at the end they feel unhappy.. Take care! HBH

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Ernestine Northover 23 November 2005

I wasn't expecting such a 'sad' ending, Amanda, but a nice poem anyway. Love Ernestine

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Mary Nagy 17 November 2005

I was suprised by the ending Amanda. I liked this poem. Nice job. Sincerely, Mary

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Amanda Lukas

Amanda Lukas

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