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(904) Crack Baby

Rating: 3.3

Pregnant again she confides in a friend.
No where to go, no one will take her in.
Walking the streets in the dark of night.
Hiding in alleys, trying to stay out of sight.

She’s hurting and frustrated with pain,
anxiety hits over and over again.
What will become of this new born babe,
a decision certainly must be made.

Crack, heroin, marijuana, cocaine,
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Marci Made 11 June 2007

This is just sad enough to break this old Mom's heart. You have handled the subject matter with dignity and respect despite the dire circumstances...marci.xo

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Not a member No 4 11 June 2007

Your great compassion shines through in your work Melvina, and you play an important role here in helping us keep things in perspective. Too much of the time we forget what's happening out there on the hard, out of the way side of town, where life is literally a nightmare for too many. This real life scenario you've drawn with skill and understanding here hits home hard! xx jim

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This is a sad poem Melvina... I Love your poems for they so often make a Social statement.. And this on addiction and its Innocent victims.. Writen as aways so beautifully... Andy x 10

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Lorena Walker 21 June 2007

So sad but still good, anyway.

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Theresa Moore 17 June 2007

Excellent! Your poem led my emotions on a journey to a tragic and predictable ending. I could not help but love this poor defenseless child. My only solace is in knowing that his soul was called to heaven before he was born.

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Ian Chew 15 June 2007

Harsh cruel reality of unwanted pregnancy written with a brutal honesty. A violent lurch and a sustained melancholy.

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Ted Sheridan 12 June 2007

The horror of drug addiction...it is a real problem and instead of dealing with the causes we declare war on the people who profit...money better spent on people who take drugs.

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JoAnn McGrath 11 June 2007

Ah......another example of one of your poems on a subject that some smooth over quick......thanks for opening our eyes

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