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(906) Oceanic Mysticism

Rating: 3.2

Mystified by the dangerous, yet soothing
musical tones of the ocean. I find myself
mesmerized by its precarious nature,
the peaceful essence, sharing it’s glory.

Gazing, in wonderment of its mystical
style, What lives below the surface,
what sees me, of which I can not see.
What awesome creature views me.

I’am but a tiny splinter in comparison to
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Geoff Warden 04 November 2006

This is truly an amazing write...I read it over three times...and each time I had a totally different perspective which in all three cases worked...well done

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David Darbyshire 11 September 2006

Melvina please learn to swim first, before you jump in ya very very good poem Please, nice poem love Dave xxxx

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Francesca Johnson 10 September 2006

You've put into words what I (and I suspect millions of others) feel about the mighty ocean - that magnetic pull, that feeling of wanting to be part of it. I enjoyed this immensely, Melvina. Fantastic writing. Love, Fran xx

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Tailor Bell 09 September 2006

one of your best Melvina, IMHO. exploring your thoughts and mood, the ocean we can all relate to. excellent work. -Tailor

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Catastrophe King 09 September 2006

First of all I loved the title.. and then the first verse is so inspirational. Melvina you write like an angel. I agree with Nalini that you have created the aura... the mood. Nothing less than a 10 from me.

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Elysabeth Faslund 16 July 2007

Crossing over and into the Mother of us all. Your ocean is THE ocean, forever, mesmerizing, calling...as once she did to her little ones who ignored her, crawling out onto land. She got a few back, but we never returned to her. You have captured the depths of Time and Water here. Definitely not an easy task to take on...but you did and succeeded. Great! ! xxElysabeth

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William Jackson 06 July 2007

Very Emmersonian. I like the way you describe losing all sense of yourself to become part and parcel with the divine.

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David Harris 10 February 2007

Melvina, your writing is like a magnet to me and keeps drawing me back for another dip into the wonderful world you create. Just keep creating it. Beautiful piece. I loved every line. thanks for sharing it. David

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Patti Masterman 09 February 2007

You enclose so many parallel universes in your writing..each reading discloses further nuances and possible interpretations. Some awesome talent you've got there.

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Diane Violet 07 February 2007

The pull of the ocean in all its astounding beauty.....Fantastic poem Melvina.....Diane

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