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(921) Dressed For Dinner

Rating: 3.7

There was something strange going on in the house.
Everyone seemed quiet as a mouse.

I was a little uneasy walking through the living room
when I heard somewhat of a boom, boom.

To my surprise, standing at the top of the stairs
was old Mrs. McClurry, dressed in her wares.

Dressed for dinner in a mink coat long to the floor,

sashing and swaying headed toward the front door.
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See no matter what the age we can still misbehave...10

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JoAnn McGrath 28 June 2007

Oh how funny......She thaught she was dressed in her finest: O)

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Theodora Onken 28 June 2007

melvina, i just loved this story poem! What a talent you are! Best wishes, Theo

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Patricia Gale 27 June 2007

What a story (and sight it must have been) ...lol

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that could have been my grandmother. I admire your style of writing.

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Cecil Hickman 01 July 2007

so so very cute and definitely true since I work in a facility I have see such things and more you definitely have a wonderful sense of humor and an endearing heart, , a pleasure alays to read your work, , , blessings..Cecil

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Meggie Gultiano 01 July 2007

You made me laugh, Melvina! what a very funny piece! You did justice to this poem.Ha ha! Thanks for this, sweetheart! ha ha

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Elysabeth Faslund 30 June 2007

The judge from Bulgaria holds up a 10 for Ms McClurry and a 100 for you, the poetess, who caught this on paper! ! ! I love what that miscievous lady did! ! Dressed to the nines...flaunting her wares. Oh this is so good...laughter! And to have fun at the nursing home...this lady had it going on! ! Or off! ! xxElysabeth

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David Harris 29 June 2007

Mel, just loved the humour in this one. It is always amazing what we do as we get older. Some of us go and play Preachers and Indians like me. It only goes to show this is still lots of life is us as we get older. We go back to being kids again. lol. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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