A Baby Dawn Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

A Baby Dawn

Rating: 5.0

a dawn not for us
as long as we frawn to be new
a dawn not for us
until we fetter to bloom like a morning flower

nature seemed to have cleaned it all
nature seemed to have healed it all
after a day like that...
who would expect a dawn like this

the air seemed to have bathed somewhere
an escaped smoke..a morning smell everywhere
after a day like that
what a baby this dawn is


the same old man
the same old religion
the same old differences...and
the same old voilence

men were out with weapons
men had lost their reasons
men who refused to show patience
men whose religion had sapped compassion

until late in the night...
firing could be heard...bombs recovered
scaterred bodies of people
who never cared for any difference

as usual in the night
as usual these men slept
a lot with agony of loss would have wept...yet
as usual these men of religion dint default

a new dawn they did not see
a new face they did not show
as a new flower they did not bloom...they were
all out to find a new place for the old war

even if nature would clean
even if nature would heal
these men would only want a
yesterday of today

rago rago 07 April 2009

Yes.....all are like to be there itself......rather seeing dawn......a beautiful verse and your poetic penning......you have expressed the pain too.... thanks for your kind sharing.

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Fay Slimm 07 April 2009

Your sincere words show up a world that, saddest of all, has lost the way to peace...... a well written and serious piece of wisdom......10 from Fay

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Ency Bearis 08 April 2009

substantial write..great verses....

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Miriam Maia Padua 08 April 2009

meaningful thoughts... very meaningful lines of truth... really a substantial write... very matured and elegant piece.. 10++++

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Indira Babbellapati 08 April 2009

religious fanaticism can turn a human into a beast...well written!

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Krishnarasa Seshadri 26 February 2010

How true! In 60 years of his life time man confines himself in his beliefs and dogmas and goes on to inflict these dogmas on his fellows.... for an extra terrestrial heaven and a god, we refuse to look at the heaven and the god within us and our fellows......

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 May 2009

'Yesterday was not a day... a nightmare' How lovely words! The whole piece is beautiful with deep sense. 10++

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Greenwolfe 1962 13 April 2009

This is a very clear powerful and beautiful writing with a great series of word combinations that make this a joy to read. The core of this, however, is the message that it brings. A writing worth its salt. GW62

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Sathyanarayana M V S 12 April 2009

Very thought provoking........questioning our very life styles, our way of thinking, our mind sets......Very good.

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Ravi A 10 April 2009

Actually speaking, everybody is in search of peace and not war. This is to be clearly understood. The problem is that we seek this peace objectively and not subjectively. When it becomes a question of an objective search, we use all the permutations and combinations that our individual nature can warrant and the whole tangle crops up out of our immature nature. We should understand that a protester is also in search of more freedom and peace. We are suffering from mental slavery. So long as we try to get rid of this in an objective manner, the real solution will never be in sight. This is to be ridden by holistic thoughts. All true religions actually guide us to this path but who listens their voices? This is to be answered. Our lower, gross nature is to be lifted up. Only the individual can do. Remember the verses of Bhagavat Geetha 'Udharet aatmanam...' 'the same old man the same old religion the same old differences...and the same old voilence'. Let us stop repeating the same story. What we require is a solution. As poets, we should be able to supplement this. Otherwise, what is difference between the lamentation of a layman and a poet?

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