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A Bit O' Fun!

Rating: 5.0

(For the girls) - Scene - Bedroom.
Television On.

Who wants hot-rocking
Kits-off, full frontal
Chipperdancing ravers
When I got you babe?
Just looking!

Do I want knicker-waving

Lead-pumping prancers,
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ngaio beck 18 January 2009

Should I tell you I don't get it? I mean I got it. No I mean I had it.No I mean I got some.No wait I didn't get any, Oh Hell you know what I mean.Great Story

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Bob Blackwell 17 January 2009

TV does interfere, when it comes to evening games of.......love. 10 Bob

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Kevin Wells 16 January 2009

This is great.... with just the right amount of sauce to make it spicy!

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Chuck Audette 16 January 2009

Cute! And you didn't even wait til you show was over? -chuck

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Deva De Silva 16 January 2009

Amazingly clever, sharp, and whitty! Your creativity is simply heady... Happy I found you in a sea of nothingness. Me, your sworn fan from now on- Thanks. Deva

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Laurie Hill 06 February 2009

Saucy, mad and funny.10

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Michele Hegarty 06 February 2009

Love the phrase 'Toothy-grinning shimmyers' - I saw 'The Chipendales' years ago, but give me a real loving man any time (in fact anytime soon would be good!) Brilliantly expressed by a real woman!

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Carl Harris 26 January 2009

It isn't often that television inspires a rollicking and humorous poem like this, Fay, one that's a rip-roaring treat for the reader! This delightful poem was a tour-de-force of your wonderful talent as well as a darn good poem. I'm just wondering if this goes on every night? ? ? ! ! ! Carl.

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James Roberts 21 January 2009

They were the days my friend may they never end a real fun poem jim

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Vaibhav Pandey 19 January 2009

this is so enjoyable read...... i just loved it

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