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A New You.

Rating: 4.9

Close your eyes and gently walk
Down dreamy Memory Lane.
Now stoop to pick and smell the flowers.
Choose just short stays - or stay for hours!
You're happy once again.
You're YOU.

Feel release right through your frame.
Your heart begins to breathe.
With stress gone, grasp this slower pace,

Relax - you're in a different place
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Juneil Sechico 21 November 2011

hey ya there Faye! have a lot of pieces missed from you ehhhh? Thumbs up for the unfading Faye Slimm!

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J Lee 05 August 2009

Envision your new rescued heart Which nothing can invade. This place to go when things are hard Will transform you, when once you start To value what you've made. This is the part i like most and can relate to Every body wish for a place to go to when thing are hard n the place where everyone seek sanctuary is different and the place where u go when things are hard is the place where u can be u n no one will say anything bad bout u. I think what i want to say is if there is a sanctuary for me it will be like tis, fore nothings can hurt me.

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Sameer Ahmed 19 April 2009

A poem explaining a transformed label ' A New You ' with neoteric logos after a change. You have eloborated the post shift patterns very woderfully with a preview of calmness, liberty, self-determination and ecstasy.It seems to have shifted the behaviourly trends and wanting the concerned one to recognize the new settings.....10/10 Best Wishes Sameer

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Myrtle Thomas 05 April 2009

This poem is beautifully put together, awesome visuals and ever so relaxing, I only found I wanted so much more of it.A scene of tranquility. Beautiful a10

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Michael Gale 10 January 2009

Great poem! Yes, we should all stop and take time to smell the flowers of life's natural beauties. A ten given here. God bless all poets-MJG.

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Ellen Ni Bheachain 26 April 2020

Really enjoyed your poem and gave me food for thought. Thank you.

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Andrew Blakemore 21 October 2019

A lovely poem Fay, puts you in a good mood to start the day.

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Susan Williams 23 April 2019

This poem started relieving me of stress within moments of reading the first few lines! ! ! ! ! This poem shoulkd be bottled! ! ! ! ! !

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Deep Paul 01 April 2018

The words give a new energy to face life.good work.

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Clinton Siegle 18 February 2018

New York, not ole York.. A walled city versus an open space.

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