A Blank Page Poem by Hazel Durham

A Blank Page

Rating: 4.9

Alone, but I had dreams that embraced my fragile soul,
I had tried to live in Dublin always seeking places new and old,
Howth Head with it's wild gorse and fragrant heather mingling
With sea of deepest blue and true skies enfold

Into my moments of searching for my soul,
Away from concrete grey and cold as bleak as growing old,
I broke free to wildness of nature's creative core,
Dollymount beach stretching to horizons I'll never see,

City life was always hard to cope with like a tiresome chore,
But my heart is the sea tormented by the drawing in and out of tides,
Like my tattered emotions, sad and wanting nature's smile so wide,
To fill my empty shell of longing,

To find my need of belonging,
Skies promised a distant view miles away,
Bringing me back into my inner core to live each day,
When joy crept back and feeling happy is watching the sea around the bay,

Love is mountains of emotion a volcano exploding,
With tears, fears and cheers to celebrate the dawning of a new day,
Living is easy now as I write with unchained passion on a blank page,
Spilling with love, savaged by hate and to learn by my inner sight,

A blank page is my own understanding sage!

Valsa George 16 June 2017

Let words flow into a blank page and fill it with burning passions and emotions! You have a beautiful way of unleashing your pent up feelings! Those who read always experience the ecstasies and turmoils you have from time to time....! I feel your insatiable love of the sea and the ocean! Great write Hazel....!

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Akhtar Jawad 03 October 2017

The page was but it's no more blank, the erupted volcano cooled in a mountain, let the snow be frozen, a summer sun will melt it, rivers will start dancing and flowing in a green plain and flowers will sprung. The journey will end in the peacful depths of the sea. The beauty of the poem is that it forces a reader to think and be poetic. That's what happened with me.

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Mihaela Pirjol 19 June 2017

I love the way how the first line goes perfectly with the last line! Indeed, a blank page, is the portal to our discoveries of self, our essence, whatever our souls are made of. I very much enjoyed reading this poem, as I can really relate to it. Absolutely beautiful!

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Dr Antony Theodore 18 June 2017

fragile soul, my moments of searching for my soul, tattered emotions, need of belonging, back into my inner core Love is mountains of emotion a volcano exploding, i always look for wonderful expressions in your poems. These are the great points i collected from your poem today. Thank you dear poetessHazel. I was in Dublin 4 times….. like it very much. tony

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Susan Williams 16 June 2017

There are so many good images in this poem that it is amazing how one of them broke free from all that excellence and especially caught my eyes- - - - - - - - - - - - - my heart is the sea tormented by the drawing in and out of tides- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - the others spoke to me but dang how this one sang to me is incredible. It absolutely couldn't have been written better. ! ! ! 10

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Tom Allport 16 June 2017

a wonderful poem of one's ups and downs in life? the blank page could be the slate wiped clean ready to begin a new day! ...............well written

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