Bar Room Tales Poem by Hazel Durham

Bar Room Tales

Rating: 4.4

Apprehension of the unknown,
In the atmosphere of bar room tension,
Men sitting on long stools, with no time for fools,
On the counter, pint glasses full and half full,
Their on the pull, for women of their dreams,
Conversations of soccer and racing results,
Jockeys slated with outrageous insults,
Clinking of glasses with the batting of long eyelashes,
Ladies looking for love, with disco music blaring above.

Small talk an art form, to win your heart,
Laughter, banter of colourful language,
In a mind-blowing canter,
Couples looking deep into each other's eyes,
Promising never to say goodbye,
Hustle, bustle of bodies pressed tightly,
Against the edge, of the bar counter top,
Men eyeing up the opposite sex,
They just might hit it off, hoping they won't get vexed!

If all else fails, the wide screen television, prevails,
Advertising the Lotto, a quick fix, in this mix,
Impossible notions of sailing on a luxury yacht,
Bobbing with the waves in motion,
Dusty cobwebs brushed from tired minds,
The lusty warm flow of the devil's potion,
Mixed deliciously with pent-up emotions,
Suited men with loosened ties,
Ladies fleeing from some creep,
That nearly makes them weep.

Desires spilling on the shiny floor,
'Pour those drinks, we have time for more! '
Nobody can find their way out,
Fantasy a haze as people mellow,
In their infused daze,
Within their maze of comradeship,
Plenty of lip, until their energy dips,
Excitement bubbles, a few start trouble,
All in a night out, with the most interesting people, all about!

Terry Craddock 08 October 2014

As a former barman in my twenties, I was more used to the transformation of sober to drunk, as hours shifted on clock hands, and instead of 'Couples looking deep into each other's eyes, ' I observed more eyes staring into beer glasses; I must have been working the working class pub :) New Zealand pubs were less 'Pour those drinks, we have time for more! ' and more the six o'clock swill and banking up last drinks; before bar staff closing lines used like the infamous lines 'time to go' and 'haven't you got a home to go to'; or perhaps a siren to help clear rooms. I enjoyed the contrast from personal memories here, rosy eyed beer room tales :)

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Leslie Philibert 08 October 2014

Like the detailed description..

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Lyn Paul 08 October 2014

So well done. It took me back feeling like I was there. It was so good to read this great P O D again. Thanks Hazel

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John Richter 08 October 2014

Perfectly executed poem as relayed by what can only be an artist's eye..... A masterpiece of intimate observation - it's what we do! Well done.

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Noreen Carden 05 December 2013

Hi Hazel great description of a night in a bar well done

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Mihaela Pirjol 17 April 2017

I loved this poem! The perfect realistic description of pub's atmosphere...your observance have not missed even the slightest a photography immortalising, and your pen, giving life of such varied and complexity of human emotions. A great write!

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Rahman Henry 19 October 2015

wonderful poem. I love it.

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Rocky Lizardi.brown 23 November 2014

Great poem, from the numerous poems in memoriam of the image of the goings-on in bars, this stands out as a true original.

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Akhtar Jawad 13 October 2014

Although the scene you have painted is not seen here in our country but I can sense how beautifully you have described a bar. Interest of a reader in never lost throughout the poem That is the sign of greatness of this poem.

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Kay Staley 08 October 2014

I read this poem while listening to Can't Hold Us Down by Christina Auguilera feat. Lil' Kim. For some reason I really liked the song and the poem together. This poem has a good story like quality with good details and thoughts added to enhance the plot line. The lusty warm flow of the devil's potion/ Mixed deliciously with pent-up emotions.... My favorite lines; this poem has a lot of individual good lines, but overall its not my favorite.

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