A Canary Sings Its Worth Poem by Ben Gieske

A Canary Sings Its Worth

Rating: 3.3

So many published poets from Kentucky.
I never dreamed myself among so many.
Quite dismayed reading their airs
When I compare mine to theirs.

I am one lonely voice.
I offer but a choice.
Will I be read or heard
Or lost among the herd?

Among so many singing birds
A canary is quite ordinary
But its voice is surely worth
A hearing on this earth.

Many poets come from Kentucky.
Not all claim my abode.
A canary may be ordinary,
At least it’s heard by those nearby.

(After reading A Brief Anthology Of Kentucky Poetry/June 28,2007)

John Tiong Chunghoo 12 January 2008

i always think that to get to the centre of one's poetic spirit, one has to read every poet's poem. it helps one get to one's own poetic juices. good work ben. keep it up.

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Jemarie Ragudo 15 December 2007

Canaries whose songs deviate from the usual tune are priced more. And though they're endangered specie, their singing will surely influence others. Please continue to be that unique.

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Ivor Hogg 22 November 2007

All song birds sing but the wild ones have good reason

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John Tiong Chunghoo 10 October 2007

and i am lucky to have heard the canary, good one sing us all the songs.

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Rachel Flint 22 August 2007

why would you be content a caged canary when you can aspire to be a nightingale? rachel

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Ben, I appreciate your poem as a Baltimore poet feeling lost here in Virginia Dorothy

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John Tiong Chunghoo 01 September 2008

i would love to read those kentucky poets. can you post some of them here under kentucky poets. do they write about fried chickens ben? .

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Andre Lopez 02 June 2008

good poem, it reminds me that no matter the amount of people that see one's work it will always as its value

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Original Unknown Girl 12 May 2008

I like the imagery in this poem and also the message. There might be many singing birds but perhaps only one or two that sing in tune, or that they have a finer song than all the other birds. Lovely poem. HG: -) xx

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Robert Howard 31 January 2008

'A canary may be ordinary, At least it’s heard by those nearby.' Admirable insight. The canary sings well without pretension.

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