A Canary Sings Its Worth Poem by Ben Gieske

A Canary Sings Its Worth

Rating: 3.3

So many published poets from Kentucky.
I never dreamed myself among so many.
Quite dismayed reading their airs
When I compare mine to theirs.

I am one lonely voice.
I offer but a choice.
Will I be read or heard
Or lost among the herd?

Among so many singing birds
A canary is quite ordinary
But its voice is surely worth
A hearing on this earth.

Many poets come from Kentucky.
Not all claim my abode.
A canary may be ordinary,
At least it’s heard by those nearby.

(After reading A Brief Anthology Of Kentucky Poetry/June 28,2007)

Sandra Fowler 01 July 2007

The voice of every true poet deserves to be heard on this earth. Congratulations, Ben! Your modesty becomes you. Warm regards, Sandra

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Ted Sheridan 14 July 2007

Some advice....One must Squawk like our parrot to be heard around this place.

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Rachel Flint 22 August 2007

why would you be content a caged canary when you can aspire to be a nightingale? rachel

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John Tiong Chunghoo 10 October 2007

and i am lucky to have heard the canary, good one sing us all the songs.

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Ivor Hogg 22 November 2007

All song birds sing but the wild ones have good reason

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Ben, I appreciate your poem as a Baltimore poet feeling lost here in Virginia Dorothy

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John Tiong Chunghoo 01 September 2008

i would love to read those kentucky poets. can you post some of them here under kentucky poets. do they write about fried chickens ben? .

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Andre Lopez 02 June 2008

good poem, it reminds me that no matter the amount of people that see one's work it will always as its value

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Original Unknown Girl 12 May 2008

I like the imagery in this poem and also the message. There might be many singing birds but perhaps only one or two that sing in tune, or that they have a finer song than all the other birds. Lovely poem. HG: -) xx

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Robert Howard 31 January 2008

'A canary may be ordinary, At least it’s heard by those nearby.' Admirable insight. The canary sings well without pretension.

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