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A Collision Of Souls

When she first saw him walking like a God down to the lake
she knew it was the last free breath that she would ever take.

Right then and there she knew it, her world forever changed.
Her life took on new meaning as if all was prearranged.

She knew she had to meet him, this guy moved in next door.
So she slipped on her bikini and went strolling by the shore.

She paid him no attention, just made sure that he would see
the woman he would surely love from then till eternity.

When he first saw her walking down the beach without a care
he didn't have the nerve to speak, just gave an open stare.

He knew right then he loved her though he didn't know her name.
From that day on he knew his life would never be the same.

He tried to get attention yet you'd think she didn't see
the feelings that he couldn't hide had nearly made him flee.

He knew he had to meet her, this young girl in the sun.
He made his move and from then on their worlds had become one.

When their eyes met they melted almost beyond control.
The world began to tremble with this collision of the souls.

Many watched the fireworks that day out by the lake.
The water was the backdropp for the love they'd surely make.

Their love was overpowering, yet ever gently so.
It made each think that they must never let the other go.

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Beach Poems: 347 / 500

A beautiful poem, Mary. More people should focus on the positive like you do. Also, I read this poem from bottom to top and found it interesting to see the roots of such strong feelings at the end (or beginning!) brilliant structure, brilliant poem. respect, JB

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Damsel Mystique 21 December 2005

Very beautiful and sweet to the mind.

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Steve Armstrong 17 November 2005

Hi Mary: -) I like it, love is such a complex thing, and i think you express it well in this poem, you go into great detail, about the little things. Great! ! !

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Lylyanna Pilewski 24 October 2005

aww i like it! Lylyanna

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Phillip Whiteman 19 October 2005

hello mary, this is phillip. I love the title, the poem is great also, hidden truths. i thought she was going to die after the first paragraph, but it was alove poem.

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Roseann Shawiak 16 October 2013

Fantastic poem about timid love becoming even more. Title is great too! RoseAnn

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Melvina Germain 11 January 2007

Fabulous, the emotion is just oozing out, I truly loved reading this poem. Thankyou for the experience.---Melvina---

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Duncan Wyllie 05 March 2006

Applaud! Applaud! Lady of the lake, sword pulled from stone freeing the passion.Beautiful Mary, Really.Love Duncan

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Patricia Gale 14 February 2006

Wonderful, I could feel the emotion you placed.Loved it! Regards Patricia

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Silver Akira 05 February 2006

Wow your poem was amazing, it was awesome how you captured the emotions perfectly.

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