A Common Concept: Katherine Macdonald Poem by Afzal Shauq

A Common Concept: Katherine Macdonald

Rating: 4.2

I am grateful to your idiom,
the parlance towards my being.
I am thankful that I found a friend,
who veraciously believes in me.

Two minds of the creative,
concertedly understand,
that we share a common concept,
and from that, a common bond.

I am grateful to your ideals,
and how they interact with mine.
I am forever indebted to your critiques,
because I am inspired, by what you write.

© Katherine Reid
Author's Comments
I wrote this for a very good friend of mine, Afzal Shauq :)

Dr.subhendu Kar 04 September 2009

oh what a tribute blazing glory of a friend who understands the ideals of man curved over the confluence of dream and reality of mortal men, superbly wrought with imagery and metaphors, ingeniously true to the word of indebtedness,10+++, thanks for sharing

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Sadiqullah Khan 11 July 2009

A great tribute and a great critique too. Shauq, you really inspire people by the originality of thougfht, observation and speaking from the corner of earth where flowers blossom in autumn too.10+++

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Shilpa Luthra 29 June 2009

Very Nice and beautifully written. I am very great ful to read your poem. Beautifully composed.

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Ishita Mehta 05 June 2009

you are grateful that you found a good friend and we are grateful to god that we are able to read youre poems. very well composed and an immaculate description. keep writing.

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Muhammad Ali 11 May 2009

Always we are glad to close someone we like! ! may it be a friend, yes and what i know is, he is your nice friend and you are too his nice friend. mostly it is always a formula! ! nice words about your friend Afzal! ! 10.. Ali

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Natasha Kirke 31 October 2010

This is a really nice poem! :)

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Shelbi Holzen 01 December 2009

i hope you find wonderful people out their to be friends with. good poem.

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Rosa Banks 29 November 2009

that poem sounds like what kind of a friend you want hope you find um.

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good dedication to you mutually appreciated..

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Pitilosi Mdala 05 October 2009

a common concept a well branded poem

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