A Dream Or True Reality...? Poem by Afzal Shauq

A Dream Or True Reality...?

Rating: 4.9

I don't know
if it was my dream or reality?

that all the men were seen
with long tails
big ears
and horny heads
stepping on four legs
grazing... few
roaming.... few
and fighting... more
some where in a jungle of
leafles trees

while in the mean time
the animals of different kind
who were found
not talking to each other only
but also were walking
unexpectedly on two
with some critical
smiles ofamazing success
and were forwarding hand to hand
towards the empty cities
to occupy.
Poem in Pashto and English By: Afzal Shauq
Edited By: Jessica R.
© Afzal Shauq

Krazy Rae 22 April 2010

Very creative and the imagery is amazing your poem is inspiring

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Michelle Kafka 21 January 2010

Excellent imagery. Thanks for posting.

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Tanvi Damle 20 January 2010

i so luved the way you penned it dwn...reallli gud

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Beth Bailey 09 January 2010

Very vivid! I like it.

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Mayra Cerda 03 December 2009

strong voice i feel the rythm

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Natasha Kirke 31 October 2010

Wow! This is really good! !

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Gita Ashok 30 July 2010

Great imagination in this composition. But it is scary to even think what would happen if this were to be true - that is - man tending to become an animal and animals getting transformed into human beings. Already in this world, there are examples to show that man is slowly losing his reasoning ability (as seen from barabaric acts of terrorism) - something that differentiates him from the animals.

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Amrit Rathi 08 June 2010

10+ Again I would say your poem is wonderfully jolting the human consciousness! Very good write........critical smiles of amazing success....and were forwarding hand to hand towards...... the empty cities to occupy. DEAR FRIEND THIS MAY BECOME REALITY unless we come out of dream! Thanks for inviting.

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Silly Artist 07 June 2010

Your poem shows us that man on the earth can also become beast in the fate of humanity. We either blame the world however we are also to blame. At the sight of devastation we become corrupted beasts with no control until we see the damage we've caused...

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Ezna Stephna 25 May 2010

Excellent, , , , , , , but tell you it was your dream........... your imagination was well express, it happens in life sometime that your dream feel like its reality why you wake from your sleep than you know its not reality but just a dream nicely you wrote this poem........10++

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Afzal Shauq

Afzal Shauq

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