A Conclusion Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A Conclusion

Rating: 2.5

Primary ambition-
Earning, spending, loving, rejoicing, leaving everything far behind.

Secondry ambition-
Showing, helping, donating, worshipping everything that is blind.

Both are boring, hurting, devastating, disturbing, and unkind.

Choose something in between,
In everything balance should be seen.

Mohammad Muzzammil 31 October 2010

Your poem presents the ambitions that alter according to the time and age. Only earning, loving or showing and helping are the boring works if we're bound to any one of them only. But, thank to God, they all change with course and we have to choose a balance action that also presents the spirit of adjustment. Good poem and nice expression

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Nimal Dunuhinga 31 October 2010

Praiseworthy as you have come to a conclusion!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 02 November 2010

Amazing panoramic description …wise n’ contemplative great write.... thanks for sharing Hon’ble Poet Mohammad-ji Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Seema Chowdhury 08 November 2010

very interesting. every soul gets peace by doing something special. sure balance is a must in all that we do. a nice write,

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Jenny Gordon 08 November 2010

Almost, but not exactly a call for something very like a moderation of the intensity or ambition's blind drive. Yet, the loving and helping are very redeemable/retainable. Perhapts it is the blind drive only that needs to be balanced. Like, the heart and mind being behind every action listed, like the reason for why we do whatever we do instead of just doing because we've so determined. I like it.

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Ace Of Black Hearts 18 June 2011

Yeng and Yang, inner peace my friend it most certainly describes something we all try achieve. But still I think mines quite out of my reach. So I thank you for this poem.

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Cristina Teodor 30 April 2011

An invitation for reflection, balance and introspection. I like it very much..Cristina Teodor

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Leela Devi 05 December 2010

deep search for reality//////evil and good fairly recognised

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Hans Vr 26 November 2010

This poem certainly makes the reader think. Is the enlightened master or sage or saint boring? was my first reflection. Then, what is in between? I have no ready answer. Somehow poems that make people think and leaves them with more questions than answers are poems that hit their aim. The message is moderation, I think, but are the extremes boring?

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Mohammad Tauheed Hussain 12 November 2010

It's a nice poem........ read my poem [Consolation].......

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Bahraich, U.P. India
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