A Cup Of Emotion Poem by TaMaRa HaNaRiNg ,(((( PaLeSTiNe))))FreedOm Flottila .

A Cup Of Emotion

Rating: 4.6


Sip with me a cup of few sunny,

warm and rainy emotions in this morning.

say it before you leave..

The noisy sound which is around

prevent us at times to listen to the beautiful songs..,

do not let us see the truth and the depth of it,

the beauty which is there every where.

wasting for the pleasure when we lose appreciation's treasure....

when we stay blind..

I do realize what within,

that infront and what behind..,

Before the death I taste the life..

from each garden I carry some flowers,

I plant one in me and give other to another.

I carry a stone from each weepy land,

a dropp from each rain.

a painful song, a beautiful scene.
when I'm away.
by recalling them
I do guard my heart,
I revive my sighing mind

When we leave without realizing the beauty of that sound which could be found among the crowd..

we leave while carrying life's heaviness in one strand...

Hosni Rizk 08 July 2009

I dont find a suitable word to say except that you are from victory to another.

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Dev Poet 26 October 2009

Ilike your poem.... very deep. the words you speak can mean anything if u have an imagination

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jaynae carmel 05 November 2009

i love this poem....hey can u read my poems i have a new poem called damage it would mean alot if you go in read it please.

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Syma Tasaduq 02 December 2009

its such a cup of emotions that sip by sip gets into the reader to make him feel sory for the good around him he neglected. you're a great poet Tamara..good luck.

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Silent Speaker 10 July 2009

GREAT POEM! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Dr Lakshmi S Bose 02 March 2020

very nice work.. beautifully conveyed

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Heather Wilkins 26 August 2013

beautiful write keep up the excellent work

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Hanadi Zahra 20 March 2012

speechless.....well wriiten

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Sayyed Sahzad 13 October 2010

What i say, i dont have words just want to say mind blowing, fantastic and beautiful.

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John Knight 16 March 2010

Hi Tamara - As a classical poet I admire your freedom of expression - your liberty from rhyme - your abnegation of metre and yet your poem flows like a mountain stream and it reaches the heart before the head - which makes you a perfect poet.whatever the MOONSTER might say. What did it say to my heart? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Verse one) SIP (a cup of emotion) and SAY (before you leave) and SEE - the truth and the beauty - treasure and above all else - DONT BE BLIND. (Verse two) This encourages me to SNIP (some flowers) and SHARE (with others) and STONES and RAIN DROPS and SONGS and SCENES - these are every day things but if we ignore them - if they dont register on our sub-conscious by their WEIGHT - WETNESS - WALING and WONDER - we are much much poorer and have nothing to share. If we afford them time and touch 'When I'm away - by recalling them - I do guard my heart - I revive my sighing mind'. The last couplet encapsulates and reinforces the awesome message of the whole poem. 'When we leave without realizing the beauty of that sound which could be found among the crowd - we leave while carrying life's heaviness in one strand. This is so so beautiful and an excellent example of perfect FREE VERSE. Love you in Poetry - JOHN X

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