A Delightful Sight Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Delightful Sight

Rating: 4.8

Buttercup and celandine,
Thrust upwards through the soil.
Tempted by the warm sunshine,
To join the bright trefoil.

These flowers of spring beneath the feet,
Are glorious blooms to view.
Their gentle faces tilt up and greet,
The dawn of each day, new.

Under the trees they're shaded,
From the summer's burning heat.
In splendour they are paraded,
To make the meadows sweet.

So frail and delicate they seem
But their strength is hidden away.
A beautiful creation so supreme,
They hold you in their sway.

How these small plants lift spirits high,
They are a delightful sight.
A pleasure sent to charm the eye,
And such memories to invite.

Patricia Gale 17 April 2007

Delightful spring time piece Ernestine. Beautiful...

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Scarlett Treat 17 April 2007

I always want to tiptoe lightly over the ground, because, who knows, there might be a tulip or buttercup resting under there! I am loving our springtime over here, and glad to know that you enjoy the same!

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Duncan Wyllie 17 April 2007

A song, a flower, a place in time, all can stir the senses and take us back Ernestine This is lovely Thankyou for sharing it Love duncan X

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gone gone 17 April 2007

Ernestine a true celebration of spring's renewal of life...in delicate strength....thanks for this song of beauty Love, D.

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Sid John Gardner. 25 April 2007

Again an Ernestine classic.Delightful and as pleasant as the spring and summer sunshine you portray.A good subject for your artist skills Ernie.Often un-noticed jewels of nature enhance our world. Sid John xxx

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Paul Holmes 02 January 2010

Beautifully written, Yes, these simple flowers certainly raise the spirits when they appear.

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fantastic form.. awesome poem.

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Ron Flowers 09 August 2008

This is a delightful poem, so descriptive. A 10 from me. Ron

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David Threadgold 05 July 2008

Hi Ernestine Truly the words of a florist. My wife is also in the trade and we both enjoy our flowers a lot, a nicely written piece a joy to read thankyou. Kind Regards David

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Lillian J. 22 March 2008

Words so alive with imagery! Beautiful work! Lilly :)

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