A Denial Of Gratitude Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A Denial Of Gratitude

Rating: 2.8

I bought an expensive saree for you,
And again you did the same,
You critised my like as usual,
And broke my heart into pieces,
You must learn one thing
Something which is done with love
Should be received with gratitude,
For it is the blessing of God in diguise,
And denying the gift of husband
Is denying the blessings of God.

Jenny Gordon 21 April 2011

Ah, the wife here sounds only too typical of women; it is a difficulty indeed, for both sides. My pride and preferences find it grievous to be grateful for a gift I do not like, or against which I definitely have 'tastes' and opinions. And when love shines in the giver's eyes, it makes it worse, for the cruelty of it all seems magnified in a gift they sweetly proffered which is contrary to my likes or for which I would have preferred something else. It is an excellent reproof and admonition that we should be thankful and humble. Yet, I think I fully understand her side.

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Indira Renganathan 26 June 2011

A lesson to everybody....superb teaching in simple words....10

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coldness, and indifference a spectical of ingratitude. not recieving a gift, in kindness, down right rude

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Cristina Teodor 30 April 2011

What is coming to a woman, the love of a husband is really a blessing of God. Rejecting a gift came with love from a husband is a 'denial of gratitude' for a human. Nice poem..Cristina Teodor

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Juan Olivarez 28 April 2011

The story of the man that constantly complained because he had no shoes, until he saw a man that had no feet, we should all be happy with God's gifts and our lot in life. You are a great poet.

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Mohammad Muzzammil 22 April 2011

Everybody has his or her own like and dislike. But, sometimes we have to admire and appreciate other's choice of gift. And this kind of humble geniusity bring more colour in our life. We must think also for others' heart and reaction along with emotions when we're ready to take a step.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Bahraich, U.P. India
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