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A Face Book Profile

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I’m Picasso if you asked colour of my eye
In séance I only speak Greek; come hither
Only if your soul has ears
I’m a Pharaoh and accept only sons for supper
I express my angst in Iliad; haiku distraught me
I breathe only underwater and use sun for scrub
Amazing isn’t it? my Eureka was first to berth at Atlantis
When I laugh tyrants weep…
Believe it I exist only in mediocrity

Elena Sandu 02 June 2012

What an amasing poem! Great fun to read, thank you!

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Julia Klimenova 04 July 2009

That must be the most unconventional introduction on Facebook ever. Beautifully crafted. Thank you.

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Marieta Maglas 01 July 2009

'' I’m Picasso if you asked colour of my eye'' Pablo Picasso painted the perfect asymmetry...well written poem..10+++ from me

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rago rago 17 June 2009

nice write in the poem hunter ................

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oh who wrote that on face book profile..is that you but that was a sweet wonderful strong invitation to all to that world..i decided not to rate what do you think but i can't keep your box empty so i have to fill it..10++++

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