A Friend In Passing Poem by Richard Wlodarski

A Friend In Passing

Rating: 5.0

A Friend In Passing

We didn't know you
Your life's worth...gone

We didn't know
You long enough
As a true friend
But just enough
To know your truth

You were an artiste
Way beyond your time
On road less traveled
Lost in wilderness

Like so many artistes
You enjoyed having fun
Sometimes way too much fun
Happens to the best of us

You were such a smart guy
To now acknowledge it
Then we hadn't sight of it
Now we've come to be versed in it

In magic
Of living
By daring

Colorful reputation
As engaging eccentric


You were a Goliath
Dressed in David's torn clothes
Sling shooting through dark times
Wakening to White Light

Richard Wlodarski May 20,2023

Saturday, May 20, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: lessons of life
RIP, Ian
M. Asim Nehal 20 May 2023

Nothing can be as painful as loosing a true friend, Nice tribute, Richard, Heartfelt poem 5****

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THX so much, friend Asim.

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Anjandev Roy 22 May 2023

Wonderful tribute......thanks for sharing...

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A touching tribute to a beautiful artiste and a friend. Thank you for sharing dear Richard.

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Geeta, THX so much for your words of support.

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Richard Wlodarski 21 May 2023

Sincerest THX to Bharati and Sylvia for adding my poem to their favourites!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 21 May 2023

Is this about THE Ian I knw, Richard? Excellent words about the late Ian. May he R.I.P. Thank you for sharing TOP Marks. To My Favourites

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Sylvia, this poem is not about the Ian that you know. It's about a friend of mine that died way too young. Thank You for your kind words, top marks and addition to your favourites!

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Bharati Nayak 21 May 2023

Touching and poignant.A great tribute to your friend.

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Thank You so very much, Friend Bharati. The reverend presiding over the funeral service liked the poem so much that she asked for a copy. She too is a poet.

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