A Kiss Poem by yoonoos peerbocus

A Kiss

Rating: 4.5

Of all raw passions, kiss alone
Seals lips but opens hearts
So short its distance
Be it of blood or two souls,

To reverence awareness,
Sweetest though unspoken
Understood by any tongue
Whose affection natural as sigh

Tastes like nothing on earth,
Links to states no man thinks,
Itself raises as a moment
In time's memory,

Love so sublime
Whose sound silent
Yet its echo lasts as truth-
A wish turned Godward.

A Kiss
Luz Hanaii 27 July 2011

Now I know why they say, 'love is blind'...when we're in love we're blind to the possibility of exchanging viruses and bacterias and at times highly contagious deceases... which would take away of the loveliness and beauty out of love.... Very romantic poem.

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What a lovely poem, Kiss. Lightly sensual. So well penned, enjoyed! ; D

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Abbey Rigney 12 October 2010

yet another strong poem that holds so much truth. A gorgeous poem.

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kunjubi Varghese 01 November 2010

'Love so sublime Whose sound silent Yet its echo lasts as truth-' a mystery undefinable yet so gratifying, that tie up two hearts and sealing the bond.. Sans talk, whisper, sigh, or cry..In silence only it can progress...: }.

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Ken E Hall 26 March 2011

A kiss explained perfectly the close and open aspect is truth in itself +++++10 regards I have the flu I picked up in China so put an handkerchief over your mouth when you read this!

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David Wood 25 December 2020

I like this poem very much. A kiss says so much more than words.

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Mrudula Rani 27 July 2020

A kiss is a pronunciation of affinity. " Itself raises as a moment in time's memory" . Truly beautiful.

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Juliet Languedoc 04 July 2020

powerful expressions speaking with the absence to words. Speaks to the imagination. Colorful!

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Sankar Sarkar 29 April 2020

exquisitely penned this poem! Kiss is a bliss of heaven in aesthetic manner has been recapitulated here! Obviously great piece!

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Captain Cur 01 March 2020

The emotive power of a kiss expressed by gifted lips. A beautiful write!

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