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A Lamb In The Jungle Of Men - Poem by Aftab Alam

Girl asked many questions to her mother:

Who has made us;
A lamb in the jungle of men?
And who the men are?
We are your children
'The children from the womb of mother'
Born as man and woman
Half of the world belongs to us
Why have they encroached, our queendom?
Why are we called only a kingdom?
Is it fair mom?

'No it is not fair'
I am your mother.
Your nation is your mother,
Politicians and bureaucrats:
All those criminals raped me,
My pains, your pain and the earth's pain,

Our pain is for devils enjoyment

On this earth, women is also an earth
People robbed both, , mercilessly
What difference -
Man and woman?
There are only two Castes,
Male and Female,
White or black or moderate,
With same geography

Caste, religion and creed,
Existed on the tongue of greed
All the above three are the weed
And nothing else

Girl: -
But who is more harmed? The rapist or the raped,

Rapist harm themselves,

Topic(s) of this poem: human brain

Comments about A Lamb In The Jungle Of Men by Aftab Alam

  • Bri Edwards (10/20/2014 8:39:00 PM)

    a little typo: Half of the world belomgs to us ...belongs
    - - - - - - - - - - -

    i especially liked the following lines, but i felt, from reading your bio, that you are a religious man, so i wonder why these lines seem to be negative towards religion. hmmm?

    Caste, religion and creed
    Existed on the tongue of greed
    All the above three are the weed
    And nothing else
    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    and i liked these lines as well, but i'll insert in brackets [ ] some english suggestions. also, here and one other place i believe the girl asks a question but you do not use a question mark.

    Why they encroached, our queendom [why have they encroached** (on) our queendom? ]
    Why we called only a kingdom? [why are we called only a kingdom? ]
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    in'kroCH, en'kroCH/
    verb: encroach; 3rd person present: encroaches; past tense: encroached; past participle: encroached; gerund or present participle: encroaching

    intrude on (a person's territory or a thing considered to be a right) .
    rather than encroach on his privacy, she might have kept to her room
    synonyms: intrude on, trespass on, impinge on, obtrude on, impose oneself on, invade, infiltrate, interrupt, infringe on, violate, interfere with, disturb;
    informalhorn in on, muscle in on;
    archaicentrench on
    she didn't want to encroach on his privacy
    advance gradually beyond usual or acceptable limits.
    the sea has encroached all around the coast
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    rapist hurting to themselves..........may i suggest: 'rapists are hurting to themselves' or 'rapists harm themselves'

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    but who is more harmed? the rapists or the raped? ? thanks for sharing. an interesting take on motherhood/nationhood. bri :)
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  • (10/19/2014 11:57:00 PM)

    This poem is commendable as are you, Aftab. Speaking out about rape and abusing women needs to be brought to the attention of everyone in the world. What these evil men and rapists are doing is a sin of mankind, one that should never be placed on a woman. Gentle lambs should not be harmed in this way ever. Everyone needs to unite and put an end to this atrocity. Thank you Aftab for your compassion and caring for all women in this world. RoseAnn (Report) Reply

  • Sushil Kumar Tripathy (9/11/2013 1:14:00 AM)

    Women should not be the lamb in the jungle of men, they are part of the God's creation and they have right for half of the world we live-the said three weeds are to be weed out from the social thought -A very god poem.
    Sushil Kumar Tripathy, Sonepur Odisha, India
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  • Geetha Jayakumar (9/7/2013 12:49:00 PM)

    Again a Great poem from you...Wonderful write...Especially whatever todays in this world is going on.
    The way you have presented is beautiful. Loved reading it.
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