A Little Email Poem by Ayi Escalona

A Little Email

Rating: 3.9

i could get tired reading a novel
trudging through all the chapters
paragraph by paragraph
line upon line
and digest all the sentences
to get thrilled

to the greatest romance
to most hostile war
to the greatest discoveries
to the deepest mysteries
to the most aweful horror stories
to the greatest undertakings

but none of those amuses me
none of those excites me
none of those marveled me
none of those inspired me
a precious little email from M.E.


that is a wonderful wayu to say that you love M.E ENJOYED THIS REFRESHING READING..10++++

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Raj Arumugam 20 August 2009

like the way the poem builds up towards the very last sentence, Ariel...

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Joshua Whiting 01 November 2009

nice take on the trajectory of communication.

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Moonbee Canady 27 October 2009

Aaaah, The New Universal, Computer-People... Can We Not All Relate To The Email (Ever Since the ' When Harry Met Sally' Movie (smile) ... Good Write... Think You Might Like one of mine called ' CyberSpace Secrets'... Chat Later... MoonBee

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Marvin Brato 09 October 2009

The bottom line is... no other thing that most excite us than an email coming from someone special about a thing of thrill! Nice thoughts.

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Catrina Heart 07 October 2009

An email from a love one, or something which we have long been waiting for like results of exam, work etc. were the read that always capture our great interest..........

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Ted M 21 August 2009

Nicely structured till that end............

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