A Lonely Leaf Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A Lonely Leaf

Rating: 5.0

The tree does bend as winds do blow
A chill December air,
And yet a lonely leaf remains
Upon the dormant bough,
It's withered dry yet still it clings
By thread that's growing frail,
That soon will break it cannot last
Its end is nearing now.

For there it hangs so limply yet
Keeps moving back and forth,
And sympathy does fill my heart
It could be me that's there,
When in the autumn of my life
My best days all behind,
With nothing to look forward to
Its loneliness I share.

I rest against the mighty trunk
And look towards the sky,
Through dark and twisted talons
Which cast shadows on the land,
Yet still the lonely leaf remains
And bravely lingers on,
Yet I shall wait for it to fall
To catch it in my hand.

Ramesh T A 21 September 2008

Keen observation of Nature! Don't worry here is another leaf giving you company at this time!

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Well done dear fellow-poet Andrew Blakemore. You became one with the lonely leaf. And what an end! ! ! Catching it in your hand whin it will be falling. Thanks for sharing. I give it a 10+. I enjoyed the verses. Thanks God, with the leaf in your hand, you are not alone. A poet, holding his poem (leaf) in his hand, is never alone

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Bonnie Collins 25 September 2008

Andrew, are you related to ROBERT FROST? ? This is so sad, so gentle, so filled with a gray sky and one lonely leaf hanging on its last leg... How very poetic you have made this, but then all your writtings are so pasionate.... Very good my friend another great one from a great one.... Bonnie

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Alison Cassidy 28 September 2008

You see your world through a poet's eye and bring it to your reader with skill and warmth. The image you describe is such a simple one and yet it has the power to evoke complex emotions of angst and regret. Your poetic craft grows every time I read your work. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Adeline Foster 11 September 2013

Very good, sounds like Oliver Wendell Holms and the Last Leaf of Summer. (If I should live to be/ The last leaf upon the tree/In the spring/Let them laugh as I do now/ At the old forgotten bough/ Where I cling.) Read mine - Of Dandelions and Tears - Adeline

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R Stansfield 26 July 2011

this poem reminds me a lot of the poem that was written by george orwell in keep the aspidistra flying... brilliant

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Ruth Walters 31 July 2009

to catch it when it falls........ a lonely leaf, old and tired blowing in the wind You capture loneliness so well here.. Ruthy

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Ency Bearis 01 October 2008

great poem..a patience to wait to come by/fall to your hand...well penned... Ency Bearis

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Koyel Mitra 29 September 2008

Lovely poem.Well penned.A 10!

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