A Philosophy On ‘use And Throw’ Poem by Vidi Writes

A Philosophy On ‘use And Throw’

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Don’t ever complain –
‘They use me’
Let them use.
What are you born for, else?

If a time comes,
They plan to throw or throw!
Take your position
Now, it’s your theater.

Show is on - you are a performer
Since beginning.
It’s up to you, how much you reach
From that stage, to the audience.

The more you make sound
You will be read
The more you are silent
The show is on and you can read.


Saadat Tahir 21 June 2009

hi Vidi i suppose thats how it is ordained and we should give in gracefully like we give in to greying hair and the other bits of ageing the pain cannot be lessened or philosophised...just endured beautiful poetry cheers and ten... BTW enjoyed your comment on shans poem cheers XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Vidi Writes (6/20/2009 12: 11: 00 PM) A lotus placed at porch in the bud vase A rose floating in the village pond Harry Potter leaving the wizard world And has come to live on the earth. What a mess up? Then how is that to leave Right things at right place? I too wonder with you... Potter or Voldemort Should take their own places As well as YOU. After this wonderful express of disgust Now go in search of Mount doom To destroy all those rings Which pestered you all the way through. What a wonderful art of expression Your style is very well appealing. Enjoyed the read so much.

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Bob Blackwell 16 June 2009

Yes the worlds a stage, but we should take delight in our talents and use them wisely for the benefit of all. Your poem and your philosophy does this very well. Thank you. 10+

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Chitra - 15 June 2009

sensitive piece with a compelling tone to it

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 13 June 2009

A poem is incomplete till it is commented and read.The show must go on even with little audience.Remember, when the goin gets tough, only the tough gets goin.We don't need any great anecdote or philosophical hint to paint our own path.....of living.Good writes Vidi!

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Shashendra Amalshan 15 June 2009

Well this is a great write indeed... Frankly speaking ma'am how ever much we try to stay independent....in some point in our life we will be used and exploited....... and life is one big theatre indeed... 'Macbeth says 'Life is but a walking shadow......tale told by and idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing' well in that case i feel we al are just bunch of idiots telling a stupid tale...well that s how i generally feel...Macbeth is disintegrated character and i m sort of a disintegrated character too..... if we look at it in a positive state of mind, what matters is how we perform on this stage...are we gona be puppets and Muppets? or we gona end up being great characters that have iron spines and iron fists that we will be the heroes and heroines in this action packed drama? ! ! ! ! i v none actually though i made such a grand eloquent comment, sort of a incongruous me making such a comment, cause i m all but mere muppet lol.... great write ma'amA+++ With Love shan

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Edward Kofi Louis 14 January 2016

So is life; when the wrong thing is done. But, let us seek for the ways of the truth and live in peace with each other. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 04 November 2009

A Socratic write, indeed, Vidi...and my sentiments as well.Too many of us pass-on opportunity either out of the 'ole proverbial ''fear of failure'', or worrying too much about not living up to others expectations of us...We are reluctant to take that leap of faith...that calculated risk, ergo....we become inmates of our own make-shift social prison, we recluse, and in doing so, we never realize our maximized potentials.Sometimes we must be bold, and take a firm stand... politely yet with unfettered conviction. We need to voice-up and let others know we are here...and want to be part of the show, so to speak....My Dad always liked to quote a very old cliche which i am sure you have heard before: He'd say: ''Don't stand on the corner & watch the parade pass you by, Frankie''...''Let them know you belong with the marchers'''. Excellent penning...Message well delivered, young lady! F j R

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Rakesh Bedi 10 July 2009

The concluding lines are thought provoking. I think even silence can be read through silence. More of making noise can amount to noise-pollution, yes?

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Raj Nandy 23 June 2009

VIDI, I had already echoed your feelings and sentiments in my, - 'Philosophy Of Give And Take'! Thanks for this poem! -Raj Nandy

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Indira Renganathan 22 June 2009

What has been happening continues to be...but reading your words can not have a sequel of forgetting...excellent

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