Omar Attiyeh

A Message To My Beloved Mom - Poem by Omar Attiyeh

Mom... my beloved mom
You're a 'home' that shelters me
a candle that lights up my way
Your love like blood runs into my veins
Your heart is for me the spring
of warmth and affection
All my love and gratitude go your way

To me... you have such a high standing..
high esteem
Like an angel.. I see you in my dreams
Without you.. my life is so dark
It's like a barren desert..
a flower without water or sunlight
That's how it really seems

Your companionship brings joy
and warmth to my heart
Your giving is never describable
My life without you is quite unbearable
You are the true meaning of my life
For your sake I'll endure all strife

The gentle touch of your love and kindness
Makes me forget my agony and loneliness
Seeing you so happy, mom,
drives all my sorrow and pains away
In my eyes, your worth is so high
Way more than I can imagine or say

Mom, you're the closest, dearest,
most precious one in my life
I'll never forget all those long nights
you stayed up late
to watch over me.. and cover me
with your heartfelt care
and heavenly angelic love
Will never forget your countless sacrifices
for me
Will never forget those warm tears
in your sweet eyes
Every time I became weak or fell apart

When you stayed close by my side
I could feel your warmth
Could even feel your heartbeats
Mom, your name is so deep
engraved in my heart
Words can never be enough
To tell how great you are

I'll never be tired of saying
that sweetest word 'mom'
Will never stop saying it..
once.. twice.. a million times
over and over again
'Mom'.. the loveliest word
with meanings so great and wonderful
Mom, you're as holy as an angel
You're my greatest gift
from God.. my most precious 'jewel'

Mom, I'll never forget as long as I live
All the love and care to me
you used to give
And last but not least
I praise and pray Allah the Almighty God
Bless you, mom, and keep us together
Here in my mind and my heart
Your memory will stay forever
and ever
(Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates (UAE) ,
Sat.14 Dec.2013)

Poet's Notes about The Poem

In fact, I wrote this poem about my dear mom, not on a certain occasion, like Mother's Day, but only because my mother is always on my mind and in my heart, and I always miss her very much as long as I live far away from her, in a different country, with different people of various origins and cultures. Truly, everybody need not only remember their mothers on Mother's Day, but also, and rather, on each & every day of our lives, and in each & every moment, because no matter what we try to do, we can never repay a mother for what she has done for everyone of us. This very fact must be acknowledged by all children on earth. And to remind us all, in our great religion Islam, our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him/PBUH) said: 'Paradise lies under the feet of mothers'! ! ! .

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