! ! At Days End Poem by Bob Blackwell

! ! At Days End

Rating: 3.4

As our sun sets,
our moon,
a citrus segment,
halfway to whole,
rises, on a
now retiring world.

Its warm amber glow
softens, calms, it’s
blush of orange, creeps
covers, warms, comforts;
it illuminates our view.

Days noise and bustle
lessens, stars appear,
moon now a silver piece,
brings nightfall, a peace,
a gentle whispered calm.

A stillness wrapped up
in starlight and secured
by moonbeams, has
no threatening shadows,
no noisy rising wants.

An empty mind holds no
sorrows, fears, concerns
or worries. With no thoughts,
it embraces a golden silence,
that soothes and heals our
still anxious, troubled World.


Cindy Kreiner Sera 19 May 2009

Beautifully descriptive, A tranquil observation of the moon taking centre stage as an empty mind embraces golden silence. I shall be visiting regularly

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Shashendra Amalshan 20 May 2009

'it embraces a golden silence, that soothes and heals our still anxious, troubled World'. your words seems to heal me sir..thanks..cheers10++

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 May 2009

'With no thoughts, it embraces a golden silence, that soothes and heals our still anxious, troubled World.' 10 for this moving composition.

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Jim Hogg 22 May 2009

Peaceful, natural and convincing images I find myself drawn to Mr Blackwell. A skilfully piece of poetic sketching which had a genuinely relaxing effect on this reader. A pleasure to read and contemplate. Thank you. jim (PS It was a much more leisurely and decent world too. We've lost a lot in the last few decades.)

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T McH 30 May 2009

Jim said it all (as always) and you have enchanted me (as always) . t x

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Ruth Walters 14 October 2009

Another cracker of a poem Bob! Ruthie :)

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Raj Nandy 07 September 2009

BOB, Your last para concludes this poem very effectively! In fact it is full of Zen Philosophy! Actor Richard Geare, the Buddhist, would also love to read this too! Thanks for sharing! 10 + -Raj

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David Harris 19 August 2009

Bob, a wonderful image laden poem with a great calming effect to its reader. Top marks and thanks for sharing this with us my friend. David

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Ritty Patnaik 19 August 2009

dear bob....i loved the way you describe the moon in this poem.i think all love the moon because of its gentleness, and soothing qualities, which has always intrigued the poets.i liked 'citrus segments, half way to whole'and the wonderful imagery! goes down as my favourite.best wishes. ritty

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Sigh! This is simply glorious Bob. I loved the 'citrus segment' of the moon. You are a true artist and have painted such wonderful pictures in my mind. I hope that my mind won't be empty but filled with the images of your poem as I embrace a sleep of dreams. Top marks! Karin Anderson

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