A Moments Bliss Poem by Bonnie Collins

A Moments Bliss

Rating: 3.8

As I walked passed you today
as we accidentaly ran into one
another, made a feeling inside
of me, feel like time had stood still

After alll this time, I still can feel the
twinkle in your eye gazing into mine
That magnificantly traveled into the
walls of my heart

Time waltzed in and took so much
from us, but gave it back when two
hearts engaged in a moments bliss...

Kesav Easwaran 07 February 2009

'two hearts engaged in a moments bliss'...beautiful expression, Bonnie...pleasing...i liked this piece...10

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Krishna Baalu 08 February 2009

Touching poem short but packed with rich content. 'two hearts engaged in a....bliss' well said Bonnie Krishna Baalu

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Stacey Watts 08 February 2009

Wow i am glad I am reading your work tonight. Your words always put me in the right frame of mind to write. I love to write romantic things. Your words are always beautiful.

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Barry A. Lanier 08 February 2009

the writer so eloquently captures the essence of the moment....this carried me back some 15 years ago when I wrote one of my first poems ' Moment in The Morn' which focused also on the essence of the moment..hope you find an opportunity to peruse it..it is still posted on my site thanks for sharing

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You captured the moment of bliss with words that were just so appropriate and full of meaning. These words 'the twinkle traveling to the walls of my heart' the way you placed the word 'waltzed' worked beautifully. As always Bonnie, a very lovely poem. Karin Anderson

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time waltzed in, brilliant

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Laurie Hill 18 April 2009

What a lovely touching poem of something never quite lost......10+

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 29 March 2009

A blissful collision. A beautiful poem, Bonnie......10. Regards Naseer

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James Nall 18 February 2009

excellent, bonnie.to the heart

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 17 February 2009

Good morning Bonnie and I enjoyed this true love poem and it reminded me of Hank Williams Sr. song 'I Can't Help It But I'm Still In Love With You' A good read, I enjoyed. LOyd PS Thank you for all of your reviews of my work previously as well. LOyd

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