*** A Moon Of Love -Haiku *** Poem by ANJALI SINHA

*** A Moon Of Love -Haiku ***

Rating: 4.9

Moon in satin while veil
sees reflection in groom’s eye-
blushes like morn’s sun


Moon waning crescent
Hides behind clouds of shame-
Shyly look at radiant sun


Dew melting softly
Sighs in bluish moonlight-
kisses feet of svelte lass


Srujini M 17 February 2009

this is one more dimension of looking and thinking creatively on and about moon, Moon has always drawn the attention of the poets of all ages. this is a very delicate way of loving and living with the moon in a moonlit night.thanx

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Meggie Gultiano 17 March 2009

a very very nice Haiku

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Anuj Trikha 06 April 2009

hey, after reading ur poem i am feeling the beauty of moon and sun from a very closer side, .ur poem is stunning, and it will make me to feel this glorious beuty forever.NICE job anjali

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Allemagne Roßmann 12 April 2009

The moon in satin will be there to smile As the knight dies for her veils of the night The morn's sun is back to shine As the knight clears the dark clouds from its terrain The dark clouds are gone and so did all silhouette of veils They took the knight in some nocturnal wee hours As the night shook them far away away and away across the oceans, waning on mountains unknown far away in the galaxy fired all vulgar vulpine vies and vexations When the knight turned back he just smiled Not beause he is also unison of a vie But he lost the way he came for his one, one loving cutipie An wonderful imagination and i hope they become truth for your part of equator.A 10 from me.

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Rajkumar Mukherjee 28 April 2009

Dear A njali., Though not exactly in Haiku form, you have marvellously expressed the the three parts of the night where love falls thru moonbeams.Perfect choice of words, imageries depicting a marraige night through the shy eyes of the bride.Evening, late night and early hours before the sun rises. To me its a trilogy completing a poem A

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A moon that shines like tha sun.

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all the three were excellent and beautiful

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Ken E Hall 14 June 2009

Each one melts into each other so good I am moonstruck the work is excellent +++++++10. regards avanice1

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Priyanka Bhowmick 09 June 2009

wonderful haiku's composed altogether on the moon..10 up.

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Ken E Hall 16 May 2009

Wow a trio of what goes on in the moonlight written with such class a delight at night+++++++10 Regards uavanice1

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