A Poem Poem by Angelina Pandian

A Poem

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A poem is born in a moment
After hours of sweat and labour
A creation of continuous process and toil
As a sudden revelation, an inspiration.
It may occur when you never expect it
A flash of lightening come and gone
Before you know – a shocking action
The bitter taste of joy and pain together mixed
The impact may materialize the thought at once
Else its distorted ghost may appear while you rest.
A poem has no structure, it flows and takes
The shape of the mind which moulds it.
Over flowing emotions flow over paper sometimes
Else, they are distilled and sparkling bright
Poured out, much later as desert streams.
A poem may gush out with an overflow of emotions
Like a torrentious, ragged water-fall
Or gently murmur by as an undulating stream
When you are laid in a trance like dream.
A stream is never ever-gentle
It too overflows its banks!
Feelings flowing fast finds way
Fathoms deep in mind, can they not
Gush out as springs, cross hills and vales
Torn as torrents, calmly run later
- Gentle as streams?


a natural poem is never ever ours...whose i don't know

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premji premji 17 May 2009

a real poem is a gush of words linked with sweet madness............

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Anjali Sinha 09 May 2009

good write--- as gentle as the streams

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Obinna Eruchie 07 May 2009

there is truth in what you are saying in your saying. writing can be stressful and then again it can be fun. you have to work and work on those words until you feel you've got them right. and the joy you will have, when you have achieved a work you so much enjoy going through while reading. good use of imagery, keep it up.

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