' If I Were To Write A Song' Poem by Linda Winchell

' If I Were To Write A Song'

Rating: 2.8

If I were to write a song for you
it would I think... be written in my tears.
For the love I feel is Oh so deep
It has now been... for many a year.

It would play out a tune... of the pain I so deeply felt
since, you went away.
It would also carry... in its notes not inked
the words my heart just couldn't then...to you say.

I think if the world were to hear it
they... would know just how I feel.
The world might even cry along with me
as they hummed the tune... of noted pain so real.

I know that I will never have your love
for you have given it to another I see.
But if I could go back in time
would your love then... have been given just for me?

If I could write a song for you
well, that is not my given of gifts.
But please know my darling... that I will always love you
if only in poetic words... such as this.

Vernon Eaker 21 January 2009

I love this for me it flowed deftly with powerful emotion.

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Kimber Harrison 20 January 2009

It's really really beautiful! I'm rendered (semi) speachless.

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Maxislam Beauty 28 December 2008

this is nice poetry, very deep and emotional, I like it.

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~*~Secretive Shelby~*~ 20 December 2008

Full of a lot of emotion, deep, and very beautiful It waz well worth the read Scale 1-10....10

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Dagimawi Tujuba 31 October 2010

pretty adorable writing: the kind for me to look forward to.it's beautiful

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Obinna Eruchie 24 July 2009

A lovely sad piece penned.

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Barbara Terry 10 June 2009

If I were to write a song, it would be to teach the world about love, acceptance, understanding, trust, and the vibrancy of life. If I were to write a song. This is a very heartfelt poem sis, and is full of soul searching and pain. Love is a fickle commodity at best, and yet we need it in our lives for stability and companionship. When love is from the mind it can trick us into thinking it is the real thing. When love is from the heart it is said to be true. But when love is from deep in the soul from both partners, then it is forever. A 10+++++ and thank you for sharing this painful and heartfelt message. Love & hugs, your sister in Christ our Lord, Barbara

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 16 May 2009

A beautiful poem, Linda. A love song indeed, sad and soft. Best Wishes Naseer

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Micron 24 April 2009

That was a beautiful poem thankyou for sharing it with us hugs micron

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Linda Winchell

Linda Winchell

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