' Daddy's Wooden Chair' Poem by Linda Winchell

' Daddy's Wooden Chair'

Rating: 2.9

There's an old wooden chair by the roses,
Where my Daddy went and sat.

He would go there every morning,
And with God, would sit and chat.

Daddy's gone now some years ago,
But I still can see him there.
In his old time tattered,
Rose garden wooden chair.

I now sit there and remember,
Those times I had with him.
And ask God for daddy's protection,
knowing He forgave him, of his sins.

'I miss you my Dearest Daddy,
You were my closest friend.'
You showed me love and kindness,
Of which that, I always would depend.

I sometimes feel you by my side,
As I sit and reminisce.
I feel your arms embrace me,
And the tenderness of your gentle kiss.

I've kept your chair in the yard,
To remind me that you were here.
And now I take your place in it,
Knowing you and God are near.

Shirley Hanley 22 December 2009

How really beautiful, this tribute to your Dad. I'm fortunate... mine is still living at age 89. I'm sure your words here would touch his soul.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 03 June 2009

An amazing honor to daddy. So lovely and touching poem. I love the last stanza most. 10++ with pleasure.

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Bassam Takatkah 13 May 2009

fine poem, full of feeling toward that man.... the backbone of family... the tough and tender... thanks for this poem that expresses in my opinion everybody of us.

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Myrtle Thomas 19 April 2009

I agree this is such a touching poem, it pulled the heart strings.Your visuals painted such a grand picture by the roses sits the chair.I loved this one.i wrote one about my mom called (The Worn Mirror) it is along those same lines of memory.

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jENNY lIND 28 January 2009

This is a very touching poem using marvelous symbolism of your father's chair. I really like the image of the chair and how it alone brings evokes a person. It's an excellent work.

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Tom Billsborough 19 August 2016

This is a very beautiful tribute to your Dad. i find it very moving. I like the symbol of the Garden chair. You must feel in communion with him when you sit there.

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Sumit Ganguly 10 October 2015

Hi Linda, Thank you for the beautiful poem. It will be liked by all, through generations.

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Walterrean Salley 15 September 2014

Excellent. There's nothing I can say, it's a perfect poem. I really live it. Reminds me of Thomas Cowherd's 'My Old Arm Chair.'. Also Eliza Cook's 'The Old Arm-chair.' Thanks.

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Walterrean Salley 15 September 2014

Excellent. There's nothing I can say, it's a perfect pome. I really live it. Thanks.

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Roseann Shawiak 03 September 2014

A wonderfully beautiful poem, bringing tears to my eyes, reminding me of my own Dad's chair. In the livingroom, where he would sit and read the paper to us, and ask us how to spell different words. It didn't last long in reality, but has stood the test of time in a memory. Thank you for eliciting that image of the chair and placing it in your poem. Great write, very touching and tenderly shown in this poem with a rose. RoseAnn

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Linda Winchell

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