A Prayer For Help Poem by Joseph Anderson

A Prayer For Help

Rating: 4.7

Dear God, could you reveal thyself
In a way we understand?
Could you make known some way to share
A universal plan?

To long we've wrestled earthly greed
For money, power and fame;
To long we've slain our fellow man,
Quite often in thy name.

On paths we trod to know thy will,
We wandered far astray;
With many faiths and facts unknown,
We stumbled on the way.

Show us a way to clear our heads
From doubts and fears and then
We can become a brotherhood
Of faith, thank you-Amen.

Tim Woodhouse 19 August 2010

Very poignant and moving - it rhymes, it's accessible and you hit the nail on the head! !

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Mike Anderson 22 August 2010

This poem struck a cord. Enjoyed

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Sally Plumb Plumb 08 January 2011

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

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Wendy Thopliss 01 February 2011

This is a beautiful poem joe and i agree with Bert it should have been given a 10+

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Jak Black 19 January 2016

A great poem, the message herein is most commendable. Such an easy read. Well done.

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Valsa George 04 March 2014

This is not your prayer alone... This is everyone's plea! In our journey towards Faith, we often stumble upon hard rocks of doubt. How we wish God had manifested Himself before the seeking and troubled mankind, instead of allowing us to grope in semi darkness.... But there still has no explanation why He prefers to play the game of Hide n' seek! May be if we search persistent, He might reveal to us as He has done to many....! A very earnest and geuine prayer! !

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Smoky Hoss 21 November 2013

A pure and very worthy prayer Joseph, very good sir.

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Heather Wilson 19 May 2012

A lovely poem with such a wonderful finish. I read it several times.

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Lynn Glover 01 February 2011

A beautul prayer and I agree with Wendy and Bart how could someone miss on the beautiful flow and rhyming scheme of this poem. I will do my best to make up for the 8.3 by giving you a 20. A great poem. your friend Lynn.

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