Beauty Poem by Deep Mukherjee


Rating: 4.5

From Beauty to Bewilderment
Perplexed motion of self-indulgence;
I look at this dead flower
Once full of life
Charm! fragrance! !
Now I ask if
A thing of Beauty is a joy forever?
Beauty diminishes in the wrath of time;
Fragrance fades in the mist of destiny-
Beauty - an art of deception?
A futile personification? ?
Only a poetic sofistication! !
I look at the tomb of the dead martyr
Once dejected by the world!
Taken away by the devil
In his fight for truth! !
None could see the beauty inside the soul
What restricts our vision to the flesh and fire?
Beauty confined in our reptilic vision! !
I see beauty immortal
In the love of a mother
In compromise! Sacrifice! !
In the distress of mankind
In the fight of renaissance! !
I follow beauty like a sinking star
A thing of beauty is a joy forever! ! !

Wahab Abdul 28 January 2012

a brave attempt to describe beauty! i shall not say it is a definition of beauty. yes, old poets also said that beauty a physical beauty is temporary, time destroys everything but the beauty of the soul, the beauty of the intellect may last longer and yes the beauty of mother's love is immortal and a beauty is a joy forever is an old line used in should use new phrase....otherwise this poem a good piece of art, i like your brevity, copactness and power of thinking..kudoes to you..........

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~Deana ~ Dotterweich 31 January 2012

I really like this poem also.

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Ramesh Rai 30 January 2012

Your beauty is indeed beauty. a nice poem

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Claudia Krizay 29 January 2012

Wow I can't believe you are new to poetry- this is such a good poem! Bravo!

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Aastha Uppal 29 January 2012

a display of beautiful thoughts using simple words..a message worth it! ! ! nice write :)

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Kalyan Mech 10 December 2013

...i just fall in love with your poetry. Read mine 'Real beauty'.

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Sujina Sudhakar 05 February 2012

Yup! another thing of beauty again... You said it wonderfully. :) I loved it man..!

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Life Goes On 05 February 2012

a great poem, i loved it

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Rachelle Firman 04 February 2012

true most people in this world only look at the outside and forget about the inside.

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(De Va) 31 January 2012

I really like this poem as beauty is whatever we deem it to be. You have such great insight into things profound...blessings

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