A Spirit Worthy Of Praise Poem by Dee Daffodil

A Spirit Worthy Of Praise

Rating: 5.0

I ran!

I ran for all my worth
I ran because I could
I ran...just because
It felt so good

I ran for my own reasons
That touch my heart
I ran for the cause
I ran for the dog tags and cool shirt
(I have to be honest!)

But they ran...
They ran for their own reasons
They ran...
Because they have spirit
That just won't lie down
That have spirit that defies all odds
They have spirit
That grants them that ability...
To soldier on!

They ran...
To set an example for all of us
They ran...
To banish our fears and alleviate our worries
They ran...
To remember their friends
Who valiantly fought the war against terror
And sacrificed their lives
They ran...
Because they had lost limbs
They ran...
Because no matter how shattered
Their souls had become...
They still had that undefeatable spirit! !

A word of thanks for all those soldiers
Who ran in the first Annual Army Run in Canada!
We thank you for the job you do!

Dee Daffodil (HW) 22 September 2008

Tai Chi Italy 22 September 2008

This is uplifting to read Dee! Well done to you all....hope loads of money was raised to take care of those injured in conflict. Smiling at you, Tai

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C.R. Clark 25 January 2009

This is a wonderful tribute and a very moving poem, my friend. Brst wishes. Richard

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.... and we thank you for the poetry you write. Congrats to you Dee.... muchly so. t x

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Sarwar Chowdhury 22 September 2008

Ammmmazing composition indeed.................10

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David Threadgold 22 September 2008

Hi Dee. A more than worthy tribute to those ran and why. well done. Regards Dave T. **10**

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Kris Smith 22 September 2008

Great Dee 100% behind you in your cause 100 yds behind you because I am to old to run 10 Chris

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